Friday, January 2, 2015

What Day is It??

Since Hubs retired, I have a really difficult time figuring out what day it is without consulting my computer, or a calendar, or the clocks with the time AND day of the week.  Add in the holidays and I'm totally lost.

For instance, I spent a good portion of yesterday convinces it was Sunday.  No mail, doncha know (and no-mail is my Sunday indicator) and football on all day?  Total wreckage of my internal clock.

During college football season, I always know when Saturday is - but regular season is over.

During the time when new Lt. Joe Kenda shows are on, I always know what day is Tuesday.  But the season is over.  (I used to know what days Tuesdays were because Hubs had regular night meetings on Tuesday, but that's gone.)

I'm pretty good at Mondays.  Enough people post memes complaining about the day that it's not hard to figure out.  Plus, Monday is my regularly scheduled 'call Mom' day.  Even then, though, I sometimes forget.  

Used to be - when I was buying new books all the time - I had Tuesday down pat.  Except I'm not and even when I have a new book I want to buy, it's an ebook or indie and those come out whenever.  Which brings me around to a question for y'all.  Do you really care what day of the week a book is released?  I was thinking of releasing my book on March 15th, because it's all Ides of March and junk.  Then I realized 3/15 is a Sunday.  No one releases books on a Sunday, right?  Or does it even matter anymore?

Like I said, without some indication of what day is what, I'm lost.

Luckily, I remembered at the last minute that today is Friday and got a post up so y'all would have something to read this morning - even if it's only me rambling about my temporal displacement.

Do you do a good job of keeping track of the days of the week or are you as lost as I am?

*To underline the problem, I wrote this last night and almost scheduled it for Monday morning.  :facepalm:


Karyn Good said...

The holidays always have me turned around. Then again I lose track of what day it is all the time. And it wasn't until recently I realized print books release on a Tuesday. Seriously, I had no idea. But it's an interesting question; what day is a good day to release a ebook? I'm not sure it matters. What matters is your marketing plan and what you have set up to launch your new baby.

jblynn said...

LOL, you need a Day of the Week clock. A friend gave me one and I live by it….until the batteries die and then I'm royally screwed.

Silver James said...

As long as Lawyer Guy is working, I can mostly remember what day it is, and I also try to post on my blog M-F. But I still manage to get lost some days. LOLOL

Thoughts on when to release a book are all over the place. I like Thursdays. Publishers tend to put out ebooks on Tuesday and Friday, print books on Tuesdays. Thursdays work for people looking for stuff to read on the weekend and it's between the big release days so smaller books tend to sneak in under the radar to get on the lists. Now, this is strictly speaking of Amazon.

Then again, since I haven't tried Amazon pre-order yet, it's hard to gauge when a book will go live. I was expecting at least 24 hours for MOON SHOT to go live and it was live in TWO! So yeah...I don't think it really matters, but I'm betting someone has done a chart of the algorithms and such like that there. ;)

JB, I want that clock! Awesome blossom!

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