Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Release Day is Approaching!

Okay, I totally forgot that I said I'd fill in today* because JB is unavailable.  My only excuse is that this is release week for me.  In fact... and you heard it here first... my book is available for pre-order as of this morning.  (The official release date is Friday, so you don't have to wait that long.)

Good girls don’t play with fire.
Emma Sweet is tired of being a good girl. When she catches her husband cheating, she hits on the perfect plan to pay back all the men who ever broke her heart. Revenge isn’t as simple as seducing her old lovers and tossing a match, but watching them burn is deliciously satisfying.    
The one time in her life Agent Jace Douglas wasn’t a good girl, she lost her family.  Now she would rather run far and fast when it comes to fire.  Too bad for her, she can’t walk away from a case where fire is the killer’s signature.  Jace needs to face her fears and catch this murderer before the flames of her past—and the smoldering heat she feels for Detective Ben Yancy—reduce her life, her career and her self-control to ash.

 Right now, it's only available through Kindle, but soon it'll be available as a hardcopy.  All apologies to people with other types of ereaders.  I hope you'll be patient or will use Kindle for PC to enjoy my book.

When I picked my release date, I was thinking of Valentine's Day.  What better time to sit down and read about old flames, eh?  Then over the weekend, I realized it's also Friday the 13th.  Which tickles the hell out of my villain, Emma Sweet.  The phrase 'unlucky in love' comes to mind.  And I can hear her giggling somewhere in the back of my head.

Anyway, I hope you'll order my book, read it and enjoy it.  And if you do, please take a moment to leave a review somewhere. 

* All apologies to our Killer Friends and JB.  I was supposed to post this on Wednesday in place of JB's usual post, and according to my bad case of writer brain, yesterday was Wednesday.  Except it wasn't.  And I didn't realize it was Tuesday until last night. 


Karyn Good said...

Done! But as a person with a Kobo ereader I hope you put it up there soon too.

Can't wait to read it!

Silver James said...

Ordered! I like the way the blurb turned out. :)

Congrats and I'll start pimping this puppy!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Sorry, Karyn. It's in the Amazon Select program, so it'll be 90 days before I can make it available elsewhere.

Thanks, Silver! But I meant to delete the 'But' at the beginning and now I can't change it for a few days. :shrug: Live and learn. I appreciate any pimping you decide to do. You're awesome. =o)

Aldea Aundy said...

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