Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Thoughts

Valentine's Day is coming up on Saturday. Generally, after 29 years of Valentine's Days, not a big fuss is made around our house. Which is kind of sad, when I see it typed out in black and white. Sometimes we go out for supper, sometimes we don't. Cards are exchanged. I get flowers. I love, love, love getting flowers. I don't mind buying my own, which also happens.

I will not be heading to the movie theatre that night. Just putting that out there. I'll be taking in 50 Shades with a group of friends and discussing it later over drinks. Woot.

Oh, and chocolate. Any day where you get chocolate is okay by me.

But for some, I imagine this must be one of THE most annoying days of the year.  For some it might be sad. So, for those of you that struggle with this Hallmark holiday, here are some of the best tips I found on the net.

1. Get together with girlfriends. Have a spa day. Always a win-win.
2. Ignore it all together. This one combined with #5.
3. Go shopping. Nothing soothes like retail therapy. But with a budget. Because practical is sexy.
4. Throw an anti-Valentine's Day party. I waffle on this one. Sounds kind of negative. But fun at the same time.
5. Read a good book. This one gets my vote. 

Some of the worst advice I found:

1. Have a fling. Right, because nothing helps the old self-esteem meter like meaningless hook-ups.
2. Buy a new wardrobe. As in a whole wardrobe! Yeah, debt makes everything better.
3. Go to the gym. Unless you like to exercise. And sweat.  
4. Get a tattoo. Just, don't do it.
5. Watch a romantic comedy. Why would you do that? Watch those on a regular night. Watch The Game of Thrones or have a Blacklist marathon. 

What's your favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I used to hate Valentine's Day. I got dumped once on it. He took me out to dinner, then back to his place where he told me it was over. Took a while to get over that negativity. Now? It's just a day. Hubs and I haven't done anything in years. I don't do flowers, I buy my own chocolate when I want some, and we spread the romance around throughout the year.

I love your lists, though. Yeah, having a fling just because it's ValDay doesn't seem like a wise idea.

Karyn Good said...

Well, that was awful of him. Like, really, awful. But I don't need to tell you your well rid of him. It's delightfully obvious by how happy you are.

Aldea Aundy said...

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