Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Snippet

Good morning, Killer Friends.  Sorry I'm late, but this time change really has me screwed up.  Anyway, my lateness is your gain because, since I can't think of anything scintillating to talk about, I'm going to give you a little snippet of Dying Embers.

“What do you want, Emma? What can I do for you?”
“Just one thing, and then I’ll be gone. I need you to trace this call. I need you to come and find me. So I…” The line went silent for a split second. In the background, Jace thought she could hear a muffled grunting. “So I can get help. Come and find me, Agent Douglas. Will you help me?”
“Of course I will.” She scribbled a note for Ben to start tracing the call, but he already had Dallas on the job. “We know what Fleming did to you. Let me bring you in and you can explain everything—”
More laughter drifted over the receiver, now tinged with hysteria. “What Fleming did to me? You have no idea what he did, but if you think you do, maybe I picked the wrong person to rely on. If you really believe what I think you believe, you’re as stereotypically stupid as good old Barney Fife.” Emma’s voice grew cold and hard. “Now do the world a favor and stop thinking. I’m leaving my cell phone on so you can find me. I won’t be talking to you any more, though. I have something I need to do before you get here.”
As promised, the line remained open, but no more words issued from the connection. In the distance, Jace heard the sound of tires over gravel—a man shouting for help—and then silence.
Until she heard the one sound she would never forget, no matter how hard she tried. The sound of flames licking hungrily, and the sound of screaming as the flames ate their prey alive.

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet.  If you haven't already gotten a copy of Dying Embers, it's available for Kindle, and in print through Amazon, B&N, Createspace, etc.