Monday, March 30, 2015

Adventures at iHop!

So, this happened. We stopped at iHop when we were on holidays because, hello, pancakes. A very loud conversation between the manager (she was as big as my leg), the cook (who wasn't paying attention), and the cook's 'old lady' (she couldn't have been more than 25) took place. It was about cigerettes, which Matthew's old lady was dropping off. It wasn't angry, just loud. Very, very loud. Like how can someone that tiny have that big of a voice loud. And how could Matthew not hear her?

It went like this:

(The Setup) The manager is at the front of the store accepting Matthew's cigerette delivery. Oh yeah, in between them there's a long-haired, tattooed man laying on the floor, blocking traffice, and fixing something under the till. I'm sure at the end of his shift he put on his leather jacket and rode his Harley-Davidson home.

Manager: "Matthew, do you want to talk to your old lady?"

No response.

Manager: "Matthew! Do you want to talk to your old lady?"

Still no response.

Manager: "MATTHEW! Doyouwanttotalktoyouroldlady?"

Nothing but silence.

By this time Matthew's old lady is trying to signal her to stop, it's all fine, she's talk to him later. Which is not happening much to the delight of the rest of us. Or maybe it was just me.

Manager: "MATTHEW. Do. You. Want. To. Talk. To. Your. Old. Lady?"

Apparently, Matthew is deaf. Or busy, you know, cooking stuff. At which point, she marches into the back, Matthew's old lady escapes out the door, and Matthew finally gets his smokes, which I'm hoping he doesn't use until he's on break.

My husband looks at me. "This is going in a book, isn't it?"

Me. "Oh, you know it."

You might not think it's a very exciting conversation but for me it's gold. Maybe because the scene would have played out so differently had it been me in any of the three roles. 1. Had I been Matthew's old lady, I would never have brought him smokes in the first place because there was a gas station right next door. Next door!  2. If I were the manager, I would have walked to the back of the kitchen and asked him directly. I seldom raise my voice. I'm not partial to  inviting a place full of strangers into my conversations. 3. If I had been Matthew I would have hiked my butt over to the gas station instead of causing drama.

For me, it was a great example of how others react in certain situations and how I can apply reactions to different characters.

We all, no matter who we are or what we do, get our inspiration from somewhere. In this case, I don't even need to admit to eavesdropping.

 What are some ordinary places or circumstances you gain inspiration from?

I also like to take pictures! Here's to the upcoming weekend and Easter festivities for those who partake.


B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, too funny, Karyn!

I'm more likely to borrow the flavor of the characters because I'm so horrible at remembering things exactly as they were. Unless it makes a huge impression on me.

And Matthew should've brought enough cigarettes with him to last through his shift. ;o)

jblynn said...

Note to self: go to IHOP. :-)

Karyn Good said...

Thanks, B.E.!

Karyn Good said...

It was worth the stop that day, JB!

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