Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Morning

A minute ago I looked at Hubs and said, "It's Friday.  Isn't it?"  To which he replied, "Yep" and I remembered that I had a post to post here at Killer Chicks.

It really does all blur together when you aren't working for anyone but yourself.  One day smears into another and before you know it, you have deadlines approaching and appointments you need to get to and commitments you almost forgot about. 

Most things now make it onto the calendar and into the date book.  Yesterday looks like this:

:redacted: out of office
Pay bills

All those things got done and remembered, etc.  Today I have a note that my new bookmarks are due, but since those arrived yesterday afternoon, the day is pretty clear.  Too bad I didn't write a note to write a post. 

I have the calendar - a plain-jane, dates only no pictures thing - hanging on the wall above my desk, so I can't miss it.  My date book is sitting on the desk above my keyboard, so I can't miss that either.  But if I don't write things down on either one, and I trust to my untrustworthy memory, I'm pretty screwed.  The problem is when I have a recurring thing I need to do, and I write it down on every day I need to do it, it becomes meaningless.  My eyes see 'write a post' on every Friday, and they learn to ignore it.  It's always there, why look at it? 

For the record, I tried using Outlook - and the appointment function which would plaster a warning on my monitor when I had something I had to do.  And I always forget to open the damn program - thereby negating its ability to warn me of approaching appointments.  :eyeroll: 

Anyway, I am getting better at keeping track of the things I need to do on the days I need to do them.  I just need to find a better way to remind myself exactly what day it is. 

Today is Friday.  And it's morning.

And I need more coffee.

What about you?


Karyn Good said...

Well...there was no post on Monday because I could have sworn I got it ready and scheduled, but obviously that's not what happened. Sigh.

I use the calendar on my phone. At least, I try too. Here's to being better organized. However, that happens.

B.E. Sanderson said...

You had a good excuse, Karyn - you were elsewhere. I'm just here. LOL

Here's hoping!

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