Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 things I'm loving at the moment

1) The BBC crime series, BROADCHURCH.

The series 2 finale will air in the U.S. tonight. I've studiously avoided spoilers. (It aired in the UK back in January or something.)

I'm pretty sure I've guessed the trial's outcome, but I can't wait to see how (or IF) they wrap up the Hardy/Claire/Lee storyline.

Side note: I disliked Eve Myles in TORCHWOOD, but think she's fantastic in this.

2) Prescription Swim Goggles

Where have you been all my life? I have terrible, TERRIBLE eyesight, but once I put these on I can see where I'm going. I can see the end of the pool. I can see and recognize faces. It's a miracle!

(I wouldn't drive in them, but they do the job at the pool.)

3) WRECKED by Cynthia Valero

In the interest of disclosure I should admit that she's my critique partner, but I so love what she's done with this story from conception to final execution.

Welcome to STARSTRUCK, a showplace for talent, a playground for love. A new contemporary continuity series by Beth Ciotta, Cynthia Valero, and Elle J Rossi. Three authors. One world. The hot nights continue with Valero's emotional, new-adult novella, Wrecked.

A Secret Crush... 
Talented songwriter, Sunny Burnett, shelves her dream of Nashville when her older sister is killed in a car wreck and helps her mother pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Two years later, her mother's still struggling and Sunny is desperate to help her. Dusting off her guitar, penning a new song, and marshaling her courage, she enters a duet contest, hoping to use the prize money to turn her mother's life around. She'll do anything to win. Even if it means partnering with the last man she should ask--her sister's ex-boyfriend, a gifted singer and Sunny's longtime secret crush.

A Clandestine Choice... 
Curtis Bliss blames himself for Tuesday Burnett's death. And so does her family. Haunted by regret, he forfeits his musical dreams for years, until he's challenged by an unexpected source--his ex's younger sister. Sunny Burnett blows him away by asking for his help and, in turn, offering him a tentative forgiveness. Even more surprising is the burning attraction that ignites and consumes them both.

Can the new lovers make their dreams come true after all? Or will the secrets they keep wreck them forever?

Tell me Killer Friends: What are YOU loving right now?


Karyn Good said...

Tried to watch BoardChurch but it wasn't for me. I too have terrible eyesight! Will have to check out swim googles as I spend a lot of time in the pool in the summer! Sounds like a great read.

I have to say I'm loving the warmer weather right now. Nothing can beat that after after months of winter. Also, Esty. Which is bad because I'm buying things. Something about spring makes me want to shop, which I usually don't enjoy. And I'm obsessed with the song Ghost by Ella Henderson, which I listen to on repeat.

jblynn said...

The goggles are life-changing, Karyn.

I love Etsy too. It's a dangerous place.

Cynthia Valero said...

Thank you, JB!!! You were instrumental!

B.E. Sanderson said...

We only watched one episode of Broadchurch before, and it was pretty good, but we just don't think to look for it when it's on. After I got done working last night, I wandered into the living room to find Hubs watching it. It's definitely enthralling. It even took me away from this book I'm reading that I'm loving - Vengeance from Ashes by Sam Schall. Totally kickass space opera.

Cynthia's books sounds awesome. Definitely need to put that on the wishlist.

I'm loving Spring right now. Well, all of it except the pollen. It's absolutely gorgeous here. My irises are beginning to bloom, my roses and my peonies have buds, some of last year's wildflowers are coming up and the feral marigolds. =oD

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