Friday, April 17, 2015

Cleaning Out My Desk

No, not like that.  I haven't had to clean out a desk from a job in almost eleven years.  I meant that I cleaned out my actual desk where I sit to type this post now.  This desk:

You see, we were without internet for two days this week.  The first day went okay.  I got a lot of editing work done, Hubs and I went for a drive, I tidied the house a bit, read a little, watched TV.  The second day we woke up obscenely early, and I sat at my desk silently weeping for my morning routine of checking my mail, doing my Facebook things, checking my book stats, etc.  Then I noticed how freaking dusty the thing was.  Then I looked in the drawer.

OMG, I hadn't organized that one little bitty drawer since well before we moved here two years ago.  I just kept stuffing things in there.  Things I wanted to save, notes I needed for one reason or another.  Knickknacks and bric-a-brac.

I began taking the front stuff out piece by piece and making piles.  Stuff I needed to keepsake, stuff I needed to file, WTF stuff.  I got to the bottom of that part and then made little piles of the detritus I found there - hardware stuff, coinage, paper clips, 'what the heck is that'.

The back part of the drawer was a tad easier.  It was lined with CD-ROMs and diskettes.  I still have a copy of Windows 98 in there.  The software for a printer I gave away years ago sits there, too.  I have software I know damn well won't work on this system that I set aside for giving to the thrift store.  (Hey, maybe someone out there still runs old Windows.  You don't know they don't.)  I also found the CDs of stock images, animated GIFs, fonts, etc. from my old web design days.  Oh lord, they suck so hard compared to the capabilities we have today.  The only thing worth anything now is a CD of fonts I'm keeping.

With that cleaned, I tackled this little metallic holder thingie I have.  More detritus.  But hey, I had like $3 in change in there.

Then I went through my pens and discarded every single one that no longer writes.  Then I did a Disk Cleanup on my computer and ran scandisk.  I was going to defrag, but the computer said I didn't need to, so I wandered off in search of other things to do.  I think it was the floors.

Then I dusted everything thoroughly.  My workspace hasn't been this clean in years.  It's kinda off-putting, if you ask me. 

Oh, the things we do when our routines get cornfuzzled up.  Hubs - he sorted through eleven years worth of digital photos on his hard drive and put them into categories.  I tried doing that, too, but I got bored.  I didn't want to do anything on my computer if I couldn't do my internet stuff.  :harrumph:

What would you do with two days of forced separation from the internet? 


jblynn said...

I cry.

I clean why my internet is out, so I understand your desk project perfectly. ;-)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yeah, crying sounds like a plan. It's lonely without the internet. :hugs:

Silver James said...

I'm allergic to housework unless I'm so word blocked that it's a last resort. When I'm without net, I dread the number of emails I'll have when I get back on. I read. I read anyway but with no net, I don't feel guilty. I can write and have music without net, so I write.

Wait. This sounds what I do everyday... *looks shifty-eyed* Yeah...not a huge fan of the net except when I need to research something RIGHT NOW! LOL

Karyn Good said...

I want to say I probably wouldn't be bothered much, but I have a feeling if it actually happened to me I'd would not be happy. LOL

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, I think I have your allergy, too, Silver!

B.E. Sanderson said...

You know, Karyn, I would've said I wouldn't be bothered that much, too. One thing I discovered, though, is that while I can choose not to use the internet with no problem - like vacations or working in the yard - being forced to not use the internet irritates the crap out of me.

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