Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harlan County's Bad Girls Win

This post contains spoilers about the JUSTIFIED series finale, so don't read any more if that's going to upset you.

I didn't have much hope for the final season of JUSTIFIED, especially when I realized it was going to center on Ava. Because here's the thing. I don't like Ava. I never have.

While she's always been portrayed as a damsel-in-distress, Ava Crowder was not a good woman.

Ava blew away her husband at the dinner table (who probably deserved it, but it WAS premeditated murder)  beat up the whores working for her, and murdered Delroy Baker (again, deserved, but premeditated) and oh yeah, she shot her fiancee so that she could rob him.

And yet, to my surprise, I enjoyed the final season. Despite being disappointed that Raylan and Boyd didn't have more scenes together as they battled for Ava's allegiance, the writers managed to bring in interesting characters to fill the void. Katherine Hale was almost as delicious as Mags Bennett and Boon was, in my opinion, way scarier than his boss, Markham.

I actually thought the series finale was very predictable, which was a good thing, considering how hard the writers seemed to be working to bring everything full circle since Season Five.  I admired the craftsmanship because there wasn't a single character who did anything out of character.

Art ultimately trusted Raylan.
Raylan ultimately proved himself to be a better man than Boyd. (bar was set pretty low)
Winona is with yet another guy.
Raylan is back in Miami.
Boyd is back in prison, preaching.
Ava has once again gotten what she wants.
Wynn Duffy is the ultimate survivor.

There were a lot of gifts for longtime viewers of the series.

I particularly liked that Loretta got to save Raylan.

Here's a few more I enjoyed:

One last quick draw
Lots of good-byes
Raylan back on Ava's porch
Ice cream
Digging coal

The big winners of the series were, in my opinion, Ava and Loretta, Harlan County's bad girls.

Ava has her son and a new crime free life. (LOVED Raylan calling her on her shit  as she tried to plead her case.)

There isn't much competition left for Loretta and her pot business.

Tell me Killer Friends: Did you watch the finale? Did you like it? Were you surprised none of the major players died? 


Karyn Good said...

Damn, I went ahead and read it anyway. But I'm a couple of seasons behind and will probably forget by the time I get to the show finale. Also, I'm glad no one important died. Whew.

"Y'all need to calm down."

The drawl. The hat. The swagger.

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