Monday, April 27, 2015

I Did This Thing Yesterday That I Never Do!

I did this thing yesterday that I never do. First let me start off by saying it's rainy here. This means yesterday was the perfect day to visit the bookstore. So off I went because I had books to buy (and came home with a lovely tote bag as well - why can't the bookstore just sell books instead of tempting us with all these miscellaneous items?). Anyways, I'm taking a break from my ereader. Every once in a while I do that. Don't get me wrong I love my KOBO, but sometimes a gal needs to shake things up.

Also, I like to read our book club picks in print. It's easier to tell where you are in the story with a paperback and depending how much I love or don't love the book I can tell how much more awesomeness is left, or how much skimming will be involved to get to the end. The whole skimming business can be our little secret.  If I was the organized sort (we know the list of picks well in advance) I'd order it from the library. I don't mind spending rainy days there either. But sadly I'm not that organized. Yet.

Our next book club pick takes place in Afghanistan and tells the tale of two women.

Crisscrossing in time, The Pearl the Broke Its Shell interweaves the tales of these two women separated by a century who share similar destinies. But what will happen once Rahima is of marriageable age? Will Shekiba always live as a man? And if Rahima cannot adapt to life as a bride, how will she survive?

Sounds like a wonderful book and is probably super inspiring, but that last word is a great big RED FLAG for me. Survives? With these kinds of books you have to take that last word seriously. Which brings me to the thing I don't make a habit of doing - I stood there in the middle of the bookstore and read the last page to see if she does in fact survive. I felt like I had a big spotlight on me as I did the unthinkable. 

Psst - check that one out! Yep, she's doing it. Right in the. Middle. Of. The. Store.

But I'm just not in the mood to read a book that is going to depress the hell out of me. I read a book once - shudders - in which every single person but one died. It's spring I want to be happy. Well, technically I strive to be happy all year round! But you know what I mean...

I won't tell you whether I bought it or not because, hello, that would be a major spoiler. 

You don't have this problem when you read romance novels, which is why they will have my undying devotion to the end of time. You are never forced to do something as unscrupulous as read the last page to ensure the main characters keep on living. Secondary characters however... 

So, what books are in your reading lineup for this month?


jblynn said...

LOL -- I can just imagine you furtively peering at the last page btwn the stacks.

I think I'm going to read The Goldfinch...which everyone tells me I'll love...which is usually the kiss of death....

B.E. Sanderson said...

:gasp: You read the last page first.

Eh, my daughter does that all the time. I don't, but everyone reads differently, and I don't blame you. I hate books where the characters you love end up dead. (Why I'll never read George RR Martin.)

I don't know exactly what I'll be reading this next month. I have an ARC I need to get to, and the third in a series I've been dying to read, plus Silver James' new series hit the shelves, and I'm sure some other friends will be releasing soon. And I'll be releasing Accidental Death next month, so my reading time will be limited. Ugh. So much to read, so little time.

Karyn Good said...

I've heard lots of good things about The Goldfinch. We read Tartt's The Secret History last fall. Very Greek tragic like. Her way with description is wonderful. If I'm not mistaken one or two of those characters show up in TG. Enjoy!

Karyn Good said...

I know. I shocked myself. And the store was busy too. You're daughter's got the right idea. I may make this a habit. Or not. We'll see. It's always so much deciding what to read next when you've got lots of choices!

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