Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sneak Peek!

THE HITWOMAN'S ACT OF CONTRITION is with my editor, but I wanted to share part of an unedited scene today.  

I pushed those thoughts from my head as I moved through the familiar hallways toward my niece’s room.  I had to focus on being positive when I was with her. Aunt Leslie kept spouting stuff about surrounding the child with white light. While I had no idea how t do that, or if it would work, I was doing my best not to expose Katie to any negativity.
            She was making remarkable progress, but still had a long way to go, and I certainly didn’t want to be the one to throw any roadblocks into her path.
            Dipping my chin until it touched my chest I whispered, “Remember. You’ve got to keep quiet if there are any adults present.”
                        A woman walking in the opposite direction crossed the hall to get away from me. Apparently having my head bent and talking to myself made me look rather odd.
“Yes,” the lizard hissed with exasperation, from his hiding spot, nestled between my breasts. “So you’ve said. Three times.”
At the sound of my chest squeaking the woman sped up, eager to put distance between us.           
            As I neared her room, I spotted Delveccio’s new bodyguard standing at the door.
            He wasn’t there to protect Katie, he was there for Delveccio’s grandson.
            I swallowed a groan. Not that I didn’t appreciate the extra security. I’d made enough enemies to know that an extra set of eyes looking out for the little girl I loved couldn’t be a bad thing.
            I nodded at the man. “Morning.”
            He didn’t even glance up from the newspaper crossword puzzle he held. “You know a four letter word for flair?”
            I thought for a second. “No. Sorry.”
            He shrugged. “Me neither.”
            “Elan,” God squeaked.
            The guard flicked his eyes upward.
            “Elan,” I parroted.  After all, while the lizard sucked at his beloved Wheel of Fortune puzzles, he kicked butt when it came to Jeopardy.
            “What?” The guard eyed me suspiciously,
            “Four letter word. Elan.”
            He looked down at his paper, his pen hovering over the grid. “That works. Thanks.”