Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring in the Ozarks

I spent 10 years living in flat, dusty, scrubby Kansas-lite, so I'm absolutely thrilled to be back among real trees and flowers and rain and SPRING.  Sure, we had Spring back there, but it wasn't nearly as awesome as it had been where I grew up in Michigan.  Here reminds me of there - just a little warmer and with more pronounced terrain.

Plus, there we rented, so our ability to garden was limited.  Here we own and we can do whatever we damn well please.  So Hubs and I made gardens.  This year, we added more plants and made everything more wonderful.  It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. 

Now, I'm not going to show everything because that would take forever, but here are a few highlights of Spring so far:

And the best part is everything is perennial except for the marigolds (gotta have marigolds), and some of those from last year are even starting to come up from the seeds off last year's planting.  Look at those irises!  And I was pretty sure we killed the azaleas when we moved them from their craptastic placement in the shade of the house.  But they came back and they're exploding with flowers this year. 

Ah, Spring in the Ozarks.  :happy sigh:

Has Spring reached your place yet?  Do you garden? 


jblynn said...

There's very little change of seasons in Florida. I miss it. And it's too hot to garden during the summer (at least for me)...or now (we keep hitting 90 already).

I'm trying some flowers in pots this year. We'll see how they do.

Yours are gorgeous and it was worth the hard work! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Karyn Good said...

Oh, how wonderful! It's finally spring here but not time for planting just yet. I usually try to get my bedding plants in around the May long weekend. Before that there is always the chance of frost and then your efforts (and your money) or for not. I love flowers but I'm not so fond of gardening, as in weed pulling. LOL And I don't exactly have a green thumb. But I try!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I don't blame you for not gardening in the summer. FL heat is nothing to play with. I hope your potted flowers do well, JB. Thanks! I'll share my garden with you anytime you need a few flowers in your life. =o)

Thanks, Karyn! Yeah, you have the opposite problem from JB. Too little heat. I hope your gardening goes well. I'm not big on weeding either, but that's a job for tomorrow. I bought some mint plants today that need to go in the rose bed, but I need to weed first. Bleh.

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