Monday, May 4, 2015

Determined To Be Organized

I think I have spring organizing fever. Mercy. Things are getting done around here. Recycling. Sorting. Decluttering. Filing. Tossing.

I organized my purse (you may call it a handbag or pocketbook). No more lonely TicTacs rolling around the bottom. Broken pen? Gone. Receipts, coupons, grocery lists,  or any other random slip of paper has been dealt with most harshly.

Okay, that's a purse you might say. A small area of space in the grand scheme of things. It probably took you all of five minutes. Fair enough. Then I tackled my office and the filing. FIVE years of filing. Sad, I know. But when I procrastinate I like to give it 100% percent. Luckily, my sister-in-law phoned at the exact right time and since those conversations last a good hour I got A LOT done whilst chatting. Two of my favourite things: productivity and talking.

If it doesn't fit into this one drawer or into this one file box we're not saving it. Executive decision made. This went over better than expected. So, win!

Spare room full of junk? Managed. Closet in our bedroom? Organized. (Mostly because I convinced my husband to put his suits and work clothes in the spare room closet. Then I suggested we move his chest of drawers in there because we bought a new, bigger bed and didn't it just make sense. He's beginning to get suspicious. (But that's a blog post for another day.) 

All in all I'm feeling pretty good about things. Now if I could only organize my teenage would be nirvana around here. 

It's May! How do you celebrate?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Wow. You've been busy. Way to go! I love it when things are organized, but I hate organizing them, so I organize in spurts. I had a spurt last month, so I'm good for a while. LOL

I love May. It's my favorite month. I celebrate by soaking it in. The trees and the flowers and the weather. Spring. :happy sigh:

jblynn said...

Good for you!

Since B.E. did it in April, and you've done it in May, does that mean I have to do it in June?

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