Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Do you play?

A few months ago I sat in a workshop about creativity where one of the participants, a woman in her fifties, said to the leader, "But I don't know how to play."

I admit that at this point in the workshop, I'd gotten a little tired and was doodling, but when the woman said she didn't know how to play, I put down my pen and paid close attention, because that was literally a concept that had never occurred to me.

A person who doesn't know how to play.

The woman then followed up her assertion with a question, "How do you learn how to play?"

Are you as dumbfounded as I was?

Wait! It gets weirder.

Two more people in the workshop said that they didn't know how to play either.

At that point I could have sworn I heard the Twilight Zone theme music.

Then there was an entire back-and-forth about "How to Play".

And yes, I WAS the first person out of the room the moment the workshop was over -- I was afraid the boringness might rub off on me.

Tell me Killer Friends: Do you play? What are your favorite forms of play?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Not as much as I used to. I mean, Hubs and I goof around and junk - but I'm not sure how much of that qualifies as playing. I don't do sports, or board games, or video games, or what have you. Still, I can't imagine not knowing how to play. What happens when you have a kid around and you don't know how to play? Gah, pick up a dolly and pretend for petesakes. Surely they know how to do that. Maybe they just didn't think they knew. Maybe their imagination's broke.

People confuse me.

Silver James said...

My mother didn't know how to play and totally did not get my active imagination. Thankfully, my dad was all over creativity and play. I feel sorry for those people but yeah, there are far more of them out there than you realize.

Karyn Good said...

It's actually quite an interesting concept. The idea of a creativity workshop being attended by people who are unable to or don't think they know how to play. I hope they learned that it's never too late to give it a try!

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