Friday, May 1, 2015

Drowning Worms

Yesterday, Hubs and I went fishing.

Back up a bit.  In January, we bought him a fishing boat. 

I would back up even farther to him loving to fish but never having time so when we looked for a retirement home, we chose on based on its proximity to lakes we could fish in.

The first time I went fishing I was five years old.  Dad took me out with the brothers to the little creek near our house.  I was so excited.  And then I wasn't.  Fishing was kinda boring for a five year old.  I got excited again when someone mentioned lunch and then I got distracted.  Wouldn't you know it, that was the moment when I got a bite.  Damn fish took the bait, the line, and the whole pole right up the creek.  Man, was Dad ticked.  After all, it was his pole.

Over the years I went fishing many times.  I always found it enjoyable.  Then I dated a guy who was so into fishing, he made me sick to death of it.  After we broke up, I was relieved I could take some time off from fishing.

That time off turned into twenty-six years.  For Hubs, it was a lapse of about half that.  Life gets busy.  Things happen.  And the simple pleasures float to the side. 

Fishing is a simple pleasure. You put a worm on a hook.  You put a bobber on the line.  You toss it into the water and you wait.  Sometimes you jiggle it a little.  The fish either bite or they don't.  Sure, it can get way more complicated than that, but that's it at its most basic.

Yesterday, we got on Hubs new boat for the first time.  The last time I was on a fishing boat was around 1982, I think.  Maybe Dad's pram later than that.  I don't remember now.  Suffice it to say, I had a little trepidation.  Since my accident, I've been plagued with motion sickness.  Merry-go-rounds make me ill.  Wouldn't you know it, I forgot my motion sickness wristbands (acupressure - so much better than Dramamine.)  But I didn't get sick!  Huzzah!

So, we puttered around.  Checked out the sights.  Got back to the basics with a couple of worm laden hooks and bobbers.  We didn't catch a damn thing, but it was a lovely day.  Better luck next time.

What's something you haven't done in years that you used to love to do? 


jblynn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Better luck next time.

I miss swinging on swings. Super simple. Super enjoyable.

Silver James said...

Some of my favorite memories of my dad involve fishing. And horses. That's what I miss. Horses. Riding, sure, but mainly just being around them.

Karyn Good said...

When we camp we fish. From the shore. Sometimes from a boat if we rent one. My daughter's the only one who's caught a fish. With her barbie fishing rod. But we're more the catch and release kind. LOL

Curling. As in the sport. I used to do it all the time in my teens but as you say things got busy. I still miss it though.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, JB! Oh man, I miss swings, too, but they make me motion sick now. They were so much fun, too. =o\

Mine, too, Silver. Man, I miss horses, too. I haven't been on one of those since before the last time I went fishing.

That sounds like fun, Karyn. I'm more the catch and eat kind, but there are some species I release. Around here, it would have to be trout, since I don't have a license to catch those. I've never curled, but I enjoy watching it during the Olympics. =o)

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