Monday, May 18, 2015

Little Pieces of History

So, I found some forgotten treasures in amongst the clutter I've been trying to deal with. While being on this crazy organizing carousel I've come across a couple of things. Special reminders of two of my very favorite people - my grandmothers. Both passed away in their 90s. Both were strong talented women who couldn't have been more different if they tried.

When I was a young girl we had this little books we collected sayings written by others, nuggets of wisdom, and signatures in. This is the only one I kept. It was written by my Grandma, who I loved dearly. She was an incredibly talented musician, choir director, and artist. There was a sense of calm about her that always appealed to me. I'll be framing this and placing it in a special spot.

I've searched these pages o'er and o'er
To see what others wrote before
And in this lonely little spot
I'll write the words
Forget me not.
The other was  a piece my oldest cousin wrote for the column LIVES LIVED in The Globe and Mail (I believe that was the newspaper) about my other Grandma, who I also loved dearly. She was an German orphan who grew up in Poland. Not allowed to go to school because she was a girl, she taught herself to read German. Later in Canada, she taught herself how to read English. She was a passionate gardener and talented cook, nothing made her happier than feeding people.

This was her favorite saying:

Versuche mit Jedem in Frieden die Fuesse treten. (Seek to live at peace with everyone, but let no one trample you underfoot.)

I came across little gem of advice -  Keep it if...It's sentimental gold. "The more memorabilia you have, the less emotionally valuable each individual item becomes," says Emily Wilska, an organization consultant in San Francisco. Instead of saving every card your beloved uncle ever sent, pick the one that captures his spirit best.

I love words. Their words have meaning for me. They say a lot about the women they were and how they lived their lives.

What treasures have you come across? What words of wisdom have people left you with?


jblynn said...

They sound like two special ladies. What wonderful memories for you to have!

Karyn Good said...

Thanks, JB. They were indeed.

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