Monday, May 25, 2015


You might not know this about me but I love sandwiches. Years ago in another city, in a little dump of a cafe, I found what remains my favorite one. I don't remember the cutesy name but it was essentially a chicken, almond, grape sandwich. OMGosh, so good! But I love all kinds of sandwiches. My daughter's favorite is a grilled cheese. My husband likes subs.

(This is where I desperately wanted to insert the photo of a sandwich I made last week but can't figure out to download off of the Cloud. So you'll have to use your imagination. Because it was amazing! Stupid cloud.)

My mom used to make her version of the dagwood sandwich. Remember that cartoon! Yummy. But my infatuation really kicked into overdrive once I read Lawrence Sanders and his mysteries back in the day. Put your hand up if you've read them. If you have, you know what I'm talking about when it comes to sandwiches. I loved his character Police Chief Edward X. Delaney and his Deadly Sin Series. I couldn't tell you specfics on plot or storylines anymore, it's been a long time since I've read any of his books, but I remember Delaney's sandwiches. They were either wet or dry. Wet ones were eaten right over the sink. Dry were taken to his study to be eaten while solving his cases. The different mustards, the variety of meats, the various onions and pickles made my mouth water.

I love when an author mixes food with a story. I haven't done this but I have it in the back of my mind as something to add to the next series I'm plotting out.

Sandwiches performed by Fred Penner, Canadian performer.

Sandwiches are beautiful,
Sandwiches are fine.
I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time;
I eat them for my supper and I eat them for my lunch;
If I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once

Do you have a favorite sandwich? Remember Lawrence Sanders and PC Edward X. Delaney? How about Timothy Cone (he was my favorite of LS's characters. He was such a mess.) Do you like when authors add food into their themes?


jblynn said...

Now I'm hungry. I love a simple tomato and mayo on rye...pretty close to a perfect food. And cheesesteak sandwiches, with lots of caramelized onions...yum!

In THE FIRST VICTIM I talked a lot about pistachio muffins. I could go for one right now....

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yep, lovin' the sandwiches. All sorts of breads, meats, cheeses, etc. And yeah, now I'm hungry, too. Maybe it's a good morning for a breakfast sandwich. Mmmm.

I mentioned one of my favorite foods in Dying Embers - the Danish Kringle. And in Accidental Death, I talk about a killer cinnamon roll. I guess food is such a big part of my life that I can't help but write some in.

Karyn Good said...

Yummy, JB! Especially when that tomato has been picked ripe off the vine. That reminds me of my childhood. I could go for a pistachio muffin right now too.

But I don't think I've ever had a cheesesteak sandwich...

Karyn Good said...

Ah yes, B.E. The Danish Kringle! I may have to go to Tim Horton's today and get a donut! Yes, I think that's exactly what I'll do!

jblynn said...

You're missing out, Karyn...if you have a good one...

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