Friday, May 22, 2015

Teaser Time!

Hey Everybody!

It's release week for me.  My second book came out Monday and I wanted to share a bit with you - maybe whet your appetite.  Cuz, hey, this is the Killer Chicks and who likes murder better than the Killer Friends?

Here we are not long after Detective Dennis Haggarty discovers a body outside the small town mortuary where his brother-in-law's funeral is being held.

Outside the gazebo, a million pinprick stars pierced the shroud of night. Inside, a few men stood like statues over the body of a woman who’d been full of piss and vinegar only a short time before.
“Sure looks like she slipped and fell,” one of them said as he pulled at the collar of his uniform. In the time it took Dennis to call 911 on his cell, and for the authorities to arrive, the wind had picked up. He gazed longingly down the street toward his SUV, where his gloves lay on the front seat, and jammed his hands deeper into his pockets.
Another officer shook his head. “It’s too damn bad. Must’ve hit her head on the way down. Snapped her neck like a twig, I bet.”
“Nah. She cracked her head on the cement,” the first officer said. “Seen it before. Remember Dave Johnson a couple years back? He bled like a bitch, but his head musta been too hard—”
“More like his brain was too small.” Several of the men chuckled before they fell back to silent staring.
When the stillness became too much, speculation began again. “Been out here a while from the looks of it. Blood’s already froze. Course, it’s mighty cold tonight.”
“Maybe so.”
Dennis watched them all shuffling around and chatting for several more minutes, unable to believe none of them were doing anything to actually investigate the incident. From where he stood, it looked like the only thing they’d done according to procedure was string yellow tape around the area. They hadn’t bagged a damn thing from the detritus in and around the gazebo. Already, any trace evidence had been trampled into the snow along with any usable footprints, so making molds of those would be moot. The sons of bitches weren’t even wearing latex gloves to protect the scene from contamination. Unless they lifted latent prints off the corpse or found an inch of the structure one of their own hadn’t already touched, the officers would have one hell of a time tracking down the truth.
It took every ounce of willpower for Dennis not to start barking commands at them like they were rookies under his supervision. He had to keep reminding himself this wasn’t his pond to piss in.

If you want to read more, Omnimystery News posted the first chapter on Wednesday, and the book is available for sale right now at Amazon or Createspace.  I hope you enjoy it!