Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Visualization is not part of my skill set

Last week I tried out a new hairdresser. We got off to a rough start. First she peppered me with what felt like a million questions. Then she had me flipping through one of those magazines with a gazillion hairstyles because she was trying to visualize what I wanted.

Finally I told her, "We speak different languages."

She looked at me strangely.

"You're SEEING something," I explained. "I'm not. I understand the words your saying, but I can't visualize it."

While this is not a terrible problem to have, it does sometimes get in the way.

I assume my lack of  visualization skills is why I have a terrible sense of direction. (At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I also assume it's why I was so hesitant to choose paint colors.

I hated the color of my bedroom, a bright peach...a blindingly bright peach, that offended me every single morning. And yet it took me forever to paint over it because I couldn't VISUALIZE what color would look better.

Finally I decided that ivory would look good enough. I mean, can you get any more neutral than ivory? I went off to the hardware store in search of the perfect shade of ivory.

And I couldn't find one. But I did find EVENING SUN by Valspar, which I kind of liked even though it's a tinge on the yellow side.

I brought home a sample container and slapped in on over the peach.

And decided I was really wrong.

See, I really can't visualize!

So I tried the sample color I'd bought to paint my office with and decided I liked that better, not JUST because I like the name.
TINSEL BEAM, which either looks blue or grey depending on how the light hits it.

Tell me Killer Friends: Are you good at visualization? Or are you impaired like me?


Karyn Good said...

LOL. My office is a very bright and sunny yellow and not at all what I visualized 4 years ago when I painted it this ridiculous color. I really need to change it one of these days. And if instructions to build anything don't come with pictures, forget about it. I have no idea. But i never thought to apply a lack of visualization to my non-existent sense of direction. Now I have sometihng to blame it on!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ugh. I haven't had a good haircut since 2007. My problem is, I can visualize what I want my hair to look like, and I like to think I'm pretty good at describing what I what, but between their ears and their brain, we have a break down. I say mid-neck, it ends up jawline. That sort of thing. See, this is why I cut my own hair now. Sorry your paint choice was off. I hate that.

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