Friday, May 29, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I'm not a big contest type person.  I don't even gamble anymore.  I let my poker accounts lapse years ago when the federal government cracked down on online poker.  I'm not a risk taker like that.

Except when it comes to the lottery. 

Oh, I've never been one of those people who spends very much money. Hell, I used to go to Vegas on business every year with strict gambling rules - $20 a day and never gamble with the winnings.  (The only time I ever left Vegas penniless was the time I broke that rule.) As for local lottery stuff, I've never been one to buy tickets every week.  Just a scratch off now and then, or the occasional Powerball, Lotto, Megamillions thing.  I win some.  I lose some. 

Since I moved to Missouri, though, my luck's been on the craptastic side.  I couldn't even win $2 on a scratch off to recover my money.  Nope. 

Until last week.  Little hits here and there.  Nothing amazing.  Certainly nothing life changing.  Just enough to make me want to visit the convenience store more often than usual - to turn in the winner and buy more tickets. 

And it lasted about a week.  The tickets I bought Wednesday were all a bust except for $1.  I turned that in Thursday while I was out to buy a few things before the weekend.  (I live in a tourist area.  You learn to shop Monday thru Thursday or not at all.)  I have one last ticket.  If this doesn't win, I'm done buying lottery tickets until the next time I get an urge and I'm feeling lucky. 

In the past, I'd say sometime next month I'll have $3 burning a hole in my pocket. I'll buy a Crosswords scratcher (because they take longer and they amuse me) or $3 worth of state lottery numbers for the nightly drawing. 

Oh, and as for the 'chicken dinner'.  I won enough money on a scratch off last week to treat Hubs and I to a KFC bucket for lunch.  And that's pretty darn good, if you ask me.  ;o)

What about you?  Do you play the lottery and scratch offs?  Or do you play for bigger stakes?  Ever won anything worth crowing about?


jblynn said...

No lottery tickets for me. No Superbowl pools. No NCAA brackets. I used to go to Atlantic City and not bet a dime. Same thing when I was in a mini-casino a couple of months ago.

The only thing I've ever bet on is horse racing, which my grandfather took me to. First race I ever bet on I won $200...which seemed like a lot since I was fifteen, lol. I almost always walked away with more than I started, but never got hooked and haven't been in a couple of decades.

Guess I'm not much of a gambler, lol.

Karyn Good said...

When the lotto prize gets huge I always think I'm going to buy a ticket! Because who can't use 50 million dollars. Then I forget. Every. Time. I love how you shared your winnings! I would have taken the money and headed to the shoe store.

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