Monday, June 29, 2015

A Very Canadian List

On July 1st we Canadians will be celebrating confederation. Or what was once called Dominion Day but is now called Canada Day. The changing of the name of the day created quite the polite controvery back in 1982. However, growing up I don't remember calling it anything but Canada Day.

There are some things I consider very Canadian, although these things show up in various other countries. My apologies if you take exception to my claiming of them.

Moose. There is something very Canadian about the gangly yet graceful moose. We have somewhere between half-a-million to a million moose in Canada. Supposedly, but that's according to Wikipedia, so... I spent two summers working for Moose Mountain Provincial Park. Tourists (from across the border) used to come into the office asking where the moose were located. I think one elderly moose roamed about the park at that time. Thankfully, there are more now. Please, tell me there are more.

Margaret Atwood. You don't get more Canadian than Margaret Atwood. I'd recognize her steel-grey curls and delightful monatone voice anywhere. Besides being a novelist, poet, essayist, activist, etc., she has made a significant contribution to the theorizing of Canadian Literature. Yeah, I'm not sure what that means either. But I do know I love her books. My favourite being Princess Prunella and The Purple Peanut. That's right, she's written children's books. So. Much. Fun. To read aloud.

Politeness. Okay, so there are polite people everywhere. But we're famous for it. So there.

Tim Hortons. They sell coffee and donuts, but you can also get a flatbread breakfast panini - delish. We go nuts when it's Roll Up The Rim To Win time! I don't drink coffee. It's the honest to goodness truth. I have drank a total of half-a-cup of coffee in my entire life, and that was just to be polite.

The Word "eh". Which we know how to use and when to use it. You can't just tack it onto every sentence and be, like, all Canadian, eh.

So Happy Canada Day on the 1st! Or Independence Day on the 4th! Or whatever day or event you're celebrating this week!

What makes where you live unique? What are you celebrating?

Our Canada Day Tradition!


jblynn said...

Oooh, I haven't been to a Tim Horton's in ages. I like their coffee. ;-)

Here in Central Florida I celebrate the following: not succumbing to the heat, not having a run-in with an alligator, not getting struck by lightning

Happy Canada Day!

Karyn Good said...

That's an interesting list, JB! I'd rather not have a run-in with an alligator either. That's sounds terrifying to me! The other two don't sound all that swell either. Keep cool and safe!

B.E. Sanderson said...

The people in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan say 'eh', too. =o) I miss it up there.

We have been here long enough or been out amongst the natives enough to know what makes it special here. It's the Ozarks. We have lovely lakes, rolling hills, green for miles. I suppose they have that other places, but I do love it here, so it's special to me.

Not doing anything for Independence Day here. Staying inside and trying to avoid the fireworks. ;o)

Karyn Good said...

Plus you get to say Ozarks! I would love to visit the Ozarks some day. Sounds beautiful! I love fireworks - in a controlled environment when done by professionals. But there's always some yahoo...

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