Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day Late

Okay, I think we've all determined by now that B.E. doesn't know what day it is on any given day of the week.  So, yesterday was Friday??  Yeah.  Missed it entirely. 

My world blurs together.  One slips into the next, into the next, into the next... and before I know it, half the freakin' year is gone.  Seriously.  The end of June is just a few days away.  How did that happen?  And where was I?

I could blame it on the books.  I'm walking around every day with my head up my manuscript.  I'm lucky I remember to buy groceries or we'd all starve. 

I could blame it on the retirement.  It was much easier to remember what day it was when Hubs still went off to work every morning.  Not that I didn't still forget, but less often.

I could blame it on my brain, but let's face it, that sucker has been tweaky for over 20 years and the excuse is lame at this point.  If I haven't figured out by now how to keep my life straight, it ain't the brain injury talking - it's me.

I could blame it on age, but since my mom is 30 years older and still sharp as a tack, that won't fly either.

Hey, I could blame it on the news.  I mean, sure, that's effecting us all in one way or another, so we would all have an excuse for losing track of time, but if that were true, then we'd all be way more screwed than we already are.

Oh, I know I'm not the only one who misses dates and appointments and deadlines.  And I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world irritated by her own scatterbrainedness. 

And this one day of regret won't change a damn thing.  I bet you that tomorrow, I'll wander out to the road to check the mail.  Only after I see the box is empty will I realize my error.  Then a resounding "D'OH!" will echo through the neighborhood.  :shrug:  It is what it is.

So, if you're around today, tell me about some scatterbrainedness in your own life.  Forgetfulness loves company... I think.  ;o)


Silver James said...

You're always a day late. I'm always a dollar short. Wanna trade? LOLOL

What is this forgetfulness of which you speak? I probably have a whole heaping, steaming pile of it but I've forgotten any humorous episodes....

Karyn Good said...

I could tell you about that time I ate a liquid Advil capsule by mistake. I put it next to my little snack of 5 almonds to put the lid back on, scooped them all up, took 4 steps and forgot it was in there. Yuck. Or the time I tried to bake an angel food cake in a bundt can because I thought I'd grabbed the right pan. But at least I'm in good company...HaHa!

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