Friday, June 5, 2015

Drive / Time

I was having a fangirl moment the other day.  During an email exchange with one of my writing heroes, I actually asked her how she gets it all done.  She's a mom, writing books, taking photos, doing crafty things, juggling mail from people like me, and she still has time to read.  Her answer - she doesn't watch TV and she only sleeps 4 hours a night. (The first she totally recommended and the latter she didn't.) 

I thought about what she said a lot of last night. 

I would love to have the level of success she's had.  But I just don't have the drive behind the want to actually make it happen.  Oh, it's not like I can't stop watching TV.  Half the time I'm watching something I've already seen, and probably 90% of the time, I'm reading or working with the idiot box yapping in the background.  How much I actually watch it?  :shrug:  I know I can't sleep less.  I lose an hour of sleep and I'm a freakin' zombie.

Regardless, it's an issue of drive not of time.  I love my work.  But I also love the time I spend not working. When I'm under a deadline, I can let everything else fall away.  Otherwise, I meander.  I spend a few hours here in the mornings - networking, marketing, chilling out - then I spend time watching TV and reading and editing.  In the evenings, more marketing, networking and then, of course, writing. 

I have upped my game.  I needed to in order to achieve what I want to achieve.  Will I ever be as focused as some writers?  Nope.  And I'm okay with that.  A little jealous, true, but okay with it overall. 

How driven are you? 


Karyn Good said...

That's an interesting question. I guess it depends on the day. LOL I think I could do without TV. Maybe. But I do love movies. It doesn't generally get turned on in our house until about 6:00. But 4 hours of sleep? No one would be able to stand being around me. Including me. I think it's a matter of knowing and working with your personality. I've heard interesting stories from a couple of successful (in terms of sales I guess) romance writers. One who decided she wanted to make a living writing and worked 16 hour days on writing and promoting to make it happen. Another who gave up dates with friends, and every other thing she filled her time with previously. I do know that the busier I am with life the more productive I am as a writer.

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