Monday, June 8, 2015

Online Favourites

I'll be honest, most days I'm still trying to find my way around most social media sites. Take Facebook - for some reason I can't access my author page's home feed. No idea why. So, if you have one please let me know. I'm feeling a little lost, kinda like I did in high school. I didn't know what I was doing there either.

I'm hearing things about Snapchat.

There's always somewhere new to be on the web.

I can't keep up.

But I do have some favourite sites and people that I like to like, or follow, or hashtag, or whatever.

Facebook Likes

Jann Arden is a singer/songwriter who could also find work as a comedian. She's so funny. Right now life isn't so funny for her though, as both her parents are suffering from some form of dementia. She is sharing their journey on Facebook. The good times, the heartbreaking times, her joy, and her frustrations. She's got a real talent for storytelling. And if you follow her on Instagram too LOTS of pics of her dog, Midi.

Anne Lamott is a novelist and non-fiction writer. I love her posts. They are full of wisdom, insight, and personal stories of inspiration and motivtion.

BookBub lets you know about free and discounted ebooks! What's not to like?

Instagram Pics

Jamie Oliver Yummy Food! Gorgeous food pics. And he's such a cutie.

Saskatchewanderer The Official travel blog of the province of Saskatchewan - the province I call home.

Jessica Kane Fashion blogger and Body Confidence Crusader. I like fashion. I've also been known to enjoy the odd online shopping experience. The other kind too.

Twitter Love

Anna Kendrick: She's so entertaining and funny.

What are some of your favourite online personalities?


jblynn said...

Arden's INSENSITIVE is one of my favorite songs of all time. Must go check out her FB page. Thanks for sharing!

I'm a HUGE fan of the found object doodles of Debbie Ridpath Ohi. They make me smile every day.

Karyn Good said...

Found her on Instagram too! So adorable! And so amazing what someone can see in a coffee stain!

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