Friday, June 19, 2015

Reviews Help Sell Books

Yesterday, I was on Goodreads updating my reading status and I noticed something.  The book I was reading - one I'm really loving and that had enough people fund it through Kickstarter to actually get it in print - has next to no reviews.  And it's the third book in a much-loved series.  Something in my brain went all 'WTF?'

It has 6 reviews on Amazon and 2 reviews on Goodreads (with two additional rankings).  After two months of being published.  Even if all of that was from different individuals, that's 10 people who gave enough of a damn to leave some kind of feedback. 

Now, I realize not all readers are good at writing reviews.  I get that.  Really I do.  And not everyone who reads a book is willing to take the time to go to a site and leave a review.  I mean, it takes time and effort and that stuff is in short supply sometimes.  I get it. 

For my part, I've been up to my ass in alligators and haven't been reading as much as I want to.  But when I read a book, I leave at least a rating on Goodreads, and if possible, a short review.  (Sometimes as short as 'wow, this was amazing', but it's something.)  Okay, so I'm horrible at remembering to carry that over to Amazon, but when I remember, I go back and get several of the books I'd forgotten.  I need to get better at that.

And I guess prior to becoming a published author, I didn't realize how much of a difference reviews can make to gaining sales.  For instance, in order to advertize at certain places, they need to see how well-received your book is going to be - so they check your reviews.  No reviews and you get a no thanks letter.  Or let's say you're a reader browsing for something to spend your money on.  You're more likely to pick up a book other people have had some kind of reaction to than one that's totally untested.  Right? 

Think about it.  People don't often say to themselves, "Hey, here's a book no one else has read.  I think I'll take a chance and slap my $4 down."  Not bloody likely. 

So, I'll say here what I said on Twitter yesterday: Reviews help sell books. Selling books means fundage to write more books. If you love to read, leave reviews. Sprinkle them everywhere.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do so I can add another review to that awesome author's pile.

(No, I'm not giving the book's title or the author's name here.  She didn't authorize me to say this and she didn't ask me to pimp for reviews for her book. And no, she isn't affiliated with this blog in any way. In fact, I don't care which books you review or what kind of reviews you leave - although if you don't have anything nice to say, it's better to stay silent.  Just leave reviews when and where you can.)

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