Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What If You Were Fated to Never Fall in Love?

I had SUCH a good time at the book signing of  LOVE FORTUNES AND OTHER DISASTERS this past weekend, a novel that tackles that very question.

Here's my pal, the fabulous author, Kim Karalius

The local Barnes & Noble did a great job at getting her all set up.

She had a line of people waiting!

But she was nice enough to have her picture taken with me

Tell me Killer Friends: Who (or what) would you stand in line for?

Make sure to tune in next Wednesday when I share information about my latest project A WOOF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING!!!!


charlene said...

looks to be a fun book! thanks for posting

B.E. Sanderson said...

Looks like fun! Her book sounds awesome. And I can't wait to hear about your new project.

The only thing I stand in line for anymore is groceries. Standing for a long time kills me. At least at the store, I can lean on the cart. ;o)

Karyn Good said...

The book sounds great. I sent the link to my sister who is a middle grade teacher.

It depends on the line. I get bored in lines. BUT if the lines not too long there are authors I'd like to meet. Autographs I'd like from certain country music singers, like Blake Shelton. I'd wait in line for him. Oh my gosh, The Little Couple! I adore their show. Have stood in line at Disney World to get autographs from characters but I tell everyone that was my daughter, not me. Because Daisy Duck. It depends on the day, my mood, and the amount of time I have.

Modokker said...

I've gotta say the older i get is the less i want to stand in line for anything. Meet someone probably and hmmmm my dinner?

Lisa B

Looks like you two had a fun day!

Donna H said...

Hmm. I'm pretty sure I'm fated never to fall in love. Maybe I should read the book. That's a great picture of you.

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