Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Can you be an unlucky person?

I'm not a big believer in being lucky. I tend to think that most "luck", at least to some degree, comes from being at the right place at the right time. 

Chances are if your co-workers say you're "lucky" to have landed a promotion, they're not aware of the work you did to put yourself in a position to be promoted. If you're "lucky" enough to catch a home run ball while in the stands, you probably bought yourself a ticket (and probably not in right field), you attended the game, and you paid attention to what was going on.

So, I don't really believe in being unlucky either...unless I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Like last week when I was telling my sister about one of my recent misadventures and she interrupted to tell me, through gales of laughter, "You are just unlucky. Some people are unlucky and you're one of them."


Here's the story:

I'm driving along the highway and suddenly a huge piece of truck tire appears in the road ahead of me. Because of the traffic surrounding me, I had no choice but to hit it. 

It ruined my bumper (and resonator),  but I was convinced I was lucky it hadn't bounced higher, that I hadn't swerved into anyone, that I wasn't hurt.  I felt lucky.

So I limped the car, which was making terrible noises, off at the first exit and pulled into a Waffle House. (If you're not familiar, Waffle House is a chain...that apparently serves a lot of waffles. They're a Florida fixture, but I'd never been to one before.) It was 11:30 in the morning, a busy place in an unfamiliar area, so it seemed like a good, safe place to stop.

I called AAA, sat on hold for a long time, finally reported that I needed a tow, and was told it would be a THREE HOUR wait. (At 11:30 on a perfectly clear Monday morning.) 

But it was okay, I figured. I'd go into the Waffle House, have some lunch and appreciate their air conditioning.

I made a couple of calls. Aware that the breakfast crowd seemed to be thinning in preparation for the lunch crowd.  

Finished my calls and headed for a cup of coffee and a world famous waffle.

Except this particular Waffle House closed at NOON that day for renovations.

(This is the point in the story where my sister made her unlucky declaration while laughing at me. In her defense, if you had any idea of everything that's gone badly for me in the past few years, you might very well agree with her.)

So I couldn't get coffee, or a waffle, but I was able to beg them to open up and let me use the bathroom, so I've now at least been inside a Waffle House.

Long story short, the tow truck showed up about an hour and fifteen minutes after I'd called.  Which in a normal world sounds ridiculous, but considering I was expecting a three hour wait in a DESERTED parking lot, on a 90+ degree day, I was thrilled.

So what do you think, KILLER FRIENDS? Can someone be lucky or unlucky?
Which would you consider yourself?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I think for the most part, we make our own luck, but sometimes things are purely chance. You hitting the truck tire? Chance. Not causing an accident? You did that. Quick thinking and a level head saves the day. Go you. The lottery? Total chance. But buying a ticket? That's on me. I win some. I lose some. :shrug:

I don't know what the answer is. Some people would look at the stretch of my life and see points where they could call me unlucky and others where they could say I was totally lucky. I think the unlucky parts are mainly where I did something stupid and got tagged for it. Reality has a way of kicking a person's butt for not thinking. The lucky parts are probably where I was using my brain (or where I fell ass-backwards into something good when I wasn't using my head.)

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