Friday, July 3, 2015

Sales and Ads and Tigers, Oh My

Okay, so there won't really be tigers, but I do have a sale starting today and running through the holiday weekend.  It's what they call a Kindle Countdown Deal, and it works like this:

Today, Accidental Death will be 99c.  Tomorrow, it'll be $1.99. Sunday it will be $2.99.  Monday it'll go back to its regular price of $3.99.  Pretty good deal for a book I figure is 272 pages or something like that.  (I forget the page count.  It's a little over 80K words.)

Coinciding with today's sales is an ad with Ereader News Today. 

Anyway, here's Accidental Death in a nutshell:

Murder doesn’t happen here.
Serenity is the safest, little town in Colorado.  But residents are dropping like flies. No big deal. Accidents happen.
Detective Dennis Haggarty is there to comfort his recently widowed sister, not investigate a homicide.  However, finding a corpse means he can’t avoid doing his job—especially since the local authorities are determined to disregard the facts.  Delving deeper, he finds a string of deaths everyone wants to ignore even when all the evidence points to murder.  Lucky for the detective, one person in town seems rational enough to help him.
Too bad she’s his prime suspect.

I hope you'll snag a copy.  Tell your friends.  Leave a review.  That sort of stuff.


jblynn said...

Darn, I was looking forward to a tiger. ;-)

Hope you have a gazillion sales. I loved Accidental Death.

Karyn Good said...

Wishing you many sales! Can't wait to read it!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks, guys. You're both awesome. :hugs: Sorry about the tiger, JB. ;o)

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