Friday, July 31, 2015

The Phases of Writing

Hey Killer Friends!  I thought I'd talk to you a little about the process this morning.  Or at least, the process as it applies to me.

Phase 1: Sit my butt down and start a new story.  Sometimes this is on the computer.  Sometimes it's in a notebook.  The important part is getting paragraphs down.

Phase 2: Write all the way through to THE END.  (Well, actually, I don't type the words THE END until I'm nearly through editing, but you know what I mean.)

Phase 3:  Read through.  I really do start this phase with every intention of just reading the book from start to finish, but every single time, I start making edit notes.

Phase 4:  The Kindle-edit.  This may be specific to me.  I mailed myself the book for Phase 3, so now I sit down with a notepad and a red pen (always a red pen for me), and as I read, I make notes on paper about everything that doesn't work.  I use a > at the beginning to indicate new note, write down the first words in a sentence so I can find it later, and then underline or circle the niggly part.  At the end of the note, I put a ( and explain what needs doing.  Sometimes if the part needs extra work I put >> and then the end note is whay longer.

Phase 5: The Fixing.  I take the notes I made, sit here at the computer, and work through all the lines.  After I complete one, I put a big black check mark next to it.  Sometimes, it's fast going, and sometimes one note can take hours to complete. 

Phase 6: Off to the editor: Part One.  Wherein my most awesome editor marks the hell out of the manuscript I just spent weeks fixing to make it better. 

Phase 7: Editorital Fixing

Phase 8: Off to the editor: Part Two.  By now, the only things that should be in the notes are typos, weird wording, errors I inserted during my last Fix.

Phase 9: Editorial Proofy-type Fixing

Phase 10: Formatting the book for publication.

Phase 11: Uploading the book to Amazon and Createspace.

Scattered throughout all of that is cover creation/selection stuff, marketing stuff and angsting stuff and general rending of garments. 

And that, my friends, is the glamorous world of writing a book.  Any questions?


Karyn Good said...

So glamorous! I'm always interested in hearing about other writers' process, what works for them or not for them. Glad you've found a system that works for you!

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