Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trying to be Positive

If you follow me on Facebook (if you don't, why not? here I am) you know that for a couple of weeks now, I've been posting a quick list every day about what I'm feeling happy/positive about.

I decided to do this one day when it felt like all I saw on FB feed was negative/angry/hate-filled posts.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of those posts and could write them myself. But after writing a ranting post, I paused, and asked myself if that was what I wanted to put out into the world. Did I want to perpetuate the practice that makes me angry/sad/depressed?

My answer was 'no'. So I've been posting positive/happy things and a weird thing started to happen.
Some of my followers began their own positive posts. People send me private messages, people email me.

I never expected any of that.

I was just trying to change my own mindset.

And guess what, it's working.

A couple of weeks ago I had a car accident and I immediately found the positive in it. In the past I would have raged about how unfair it was and how the truck driver who left his tire in the road was an idiot, but when I got out of the car and  looked at the damage, I immediately thought, "That could have been a lot worse. I got  lucky."

This week I'm a bit overwhelmed about next week's work. I'm writing Hitwoman 11 (due to my editor at the end of the month) and I'm going to get the copy edits back for Hitwoman 10, AND I'm getting content edits back for another book, AND I really want to work on the new series I'm developing.

That's ALOT of work.  But when I started to panic and feel overwhelmed, I found myself thinking, "Isn't it cool that after years of hard work, I'm this busy with my writing?"  Change of mindset. Now I'm eager to tackle EVERYTHING.

Now don't get me wrong. I still have negative/angry/hateful thoughts (they keep manifesting in my dreams...that can't be good) and there are days when I'm hard-pressed to come up with something "good" to post on Facebook, but I'm glad I've gotten into the habit and I'm grateful for all the practice has brought me.

Tell me Killer Friends: What are YOU feeling happy or positive about?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I love your happy/positive posts on FB. I wish I could find something to add every day. It's not just because everything is either gloom or doom, but because sometimes nothing has happened either way. But I'm trying to find something - even if it's really tiny. =o)

My FB positive this morning still holds - I'm happy we're not in the floody part of the area. Plus, those grapevines are finally deadzo. It looks like a cascade of dry, brown down that cedar tree but now the cedar can get some sunshine. =o) Oh, and I should have all the edits in my notebook by tonight so I can have WIOH finished for the editor by the end of the week.

Karyn Good said...

Keep 'em coming! I love your posts. I've been trying to improve my mindfulness as a way to lower my anxiety levels. And you're right, it really does work! Challenging the way I think and react helps me reset to a happier, more comfortable and kinder place.

I'm thankful I got some good writing in last night. I'm thankful for Momastery, my favourite blog. I happy for all the fresh fruit and veggies this time of year.

jblynn said...

Most of my things ARE really tiny, B.E. :-)

Glad you're staying dry. And congrats on the progress of your edits.

jblynn said...

It's amazing how well it works, isn't it, Karyn?

I love your list!!! :-)

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