Friday, August 28, 2015

Cooking Competition TV - A New Show

I've been a big fan of cooking competition shows since the first season of Top Chef.  Over the years, I've probably watched them all - Top Chef, Next FoodNetwork Chef, MasterChef, MasterChef UK (one of my favs, btw), Hell's Kitchen (my least fav).

Tonight, I was surfing through the channels waiting for something to come on at 8pm and stumbled across a new (to me, anyway) show called Food Fighters.  What fun!

The premise is that one home chef battles 5 professional chefs for a chance at $100K.  The home chef picks their 5 best dishes and the professionals have to face the contestant one at a time to cook each of the dishes.  A 'dinner party' of 5 people judge the dishes.  If the home chef gets the most party votes, they win.  If they win the first four levels, they face off against the last pro for the 100K.  If they lose a round, and here's the part I like, they keep cooking, but the amount they could potentially win doesn't reach 100K.  Tonight's chef lost the third round and the last round, but he walked away with $35K and bragging rights.

All in all, it was pretty cool.  Plus, the dude from Man vs Food - Adam Richman - is the host.  I always like him on that other show, but I couldn't watch him eat all that stuff.  :shudder:  Man, has he lost a bunch of weight.  Good for him.

Too bad, next week is the season finale.  I so would've watched this show every Thursday, if I'd known. 

Do you watch cooking competitions?  Would you ever enter one?  Personally, I like to cook and my food is good, but not THAT good. 


jblynn said...

I haven't seen that one.
I enjoy watching those shows, but would never compete.

I'm amazed by what people can pull off in such short amounts of time.

Karyn Good said...

Not a watcher of cooking competitions shows. I should be watching instructional cooking shows. LOL

B.E. Sanderson said...

I only caught it accidentally, JB, and at first I wasn't sure I'd be interested - the name Food Fighters is kind of a turn off. Yeah, the time limit thing kills me. I mean, I can cook fast or I can cook pretty - but not both. ;o)

I understand, Karyn. I've gotten away from them for the most part. This new one interests me, though. LOL about the instructional cooking. =o)

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