Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Favorite Office Product?

It's Back To School time, which means it's time for me to binge-shop for office supplies.

Hey, if I'm going to indulge my addiction, I try to do it responsibly... or at least cheaply.

Yes, while I'm not proud of it, I AM addicted to office supplies.

I can never have enough spiral notebooks,

Or purple pens,

Or dry erase markers,

and calendars!

Tell me Killer Friends:
What about you?
Do you too have a love of office supplies?
What are your weaknesses?
Are you succumbing to the siren's call of the Back To School sales?


B.E. Sanderson said...

5 subject spiral notebooks - they're thicker and easier for me to write on while seated in front of the TV.

Red gel pens - must be red, must be gel. The best ones I've found are at the Dollar General. Seriously.

As long as I've got the above and my computer, I'm good. And printer cartridges. And sticky notes. And my signing pens. Oh, okay, I guess I'm addicted to office supplies, too. ;o)

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