Friday, August 14, 2015

Release Day Approaches!

Hey Everyone!  First off, thanks for all your support this year.  Books one and two (Dying Embers and Accidental Death, respectively) have been doing pretty good for a debut, self-published author.  Now, it's time for my third book - Wish in One Hand.  It's a paranormal suspense with genies.

Here's the awesome cover:

And the back cover / marketing copy:

Careful what you wish for.

In hindsight, Jo Mayweather should've taken those words seriously back in her flapper-girl days.  Of course, being the gal she is, she probably would’ve made the not-so-clever wish that turned her into a genie anyway. Not that throwing wishes around doesn’t have its perks, but for the most part, life's been a pain in the tiny-hiney ever since.  

Especially once she made it her mission to rescue her fellow djinn from their Masters and those three little wishes. Running into a supernatural lowlife who delights in murdering the genies she's vowed to save doesn’t help.  

And some say immortality lasts forever.  What do they know?

Now, instead of freeing djinn-kind, Jo has a killer to neutralize.  If only she'd kept her mouth shut years ago, she might not be in this mess.  But she's got a job to do, despite some reject from a bad B-movie trying to ruin everything she's worked so hard for. 

Even if, this time her job might get her killed.  Or worse-enslaved again.

It's $3.99 and available for pre-order right now.  It will be released on Tuesday, so no worries about having to wait too long for it to show up on your Kindle.

If you're interested in reading a short snippet, jump on over to Outside the Box where I've posted the scene I used for my cover concept.  

I hope you enjoy reading Wish in One Hand as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And yes, there will be sequels - tentatively called In Deep Wish (Djinn 2) and Up Wish Creek (Djinn 3) and due to be published in 2016.  =o)