Monday, August 17, 2015

Seeking Inspiration: My Top Five Ways

Inspiration! That illusive eleven letter word. You'd think something with so many letters wouldn't be hard to find. But some days...

Some days you have to be inspired whether you want to be nor not. If writing is your job, your ambition, your calling, your whatever, you have to be able to sit down and get it done. Same goes for marketing and promoting your writing. Or yourself. And if you're like me some days that magic illudes you.

For those days when the inside of your head feels like either a dead weight or a sack of dandelion fluff.

Walk it off. Or if you're one of those crazy people who likes to run, do that. Or vacuum. Start the wash. Having my hands or feet busy often unlocks my brain. Or reduces my stress levels so I can think. I don't know, I just know it works.

Listen to music. Like really loud. This really works for me, especially when I stick in those earbuds and plug it directly into my brain. I don't know, some kind of flip switches. I don't hear anything else. Those voices in my head recede. Those ones telling me there are a hundred and one other things I should be doing.

Put pen to paper. Old fashioned I know. I also have a favourite type of pen - BIC Z4+. I fine-tipped marker. I love my pens. Don't get me started on notebooks. Or post-it-notes. Or how the world needs more colour-coding. And when it comes to organizing my promotion stuff, it's all done on paper, in a notebook or in a calendar. I remember the particulars better if I write them down. I tried using technology and it doesn't work for me.

Scrivener. Oh, how I adore Scrivener. Writing the first draft is agony for me. Agony, I tell you! Using a writing program, like Scrivener, allows me to write out of order, to see where I'm at, jot down notes in margins, keep track of the date in my fictional world, etc. You can colour-code scenes, it's bliss. I helps my brain cope.

Be a shutterbug. I LOVE taking pictures. Some day I'm going to take a photography class. That's on my wish list of things yet to be done by me. The process of creating a story without words. Of looking at the same thing you looked at yesterday but in a different way. Of trying to capture a moment in time. Something about the stillness of having to wait, the absolute concentration it takes, the focus reroutes my brain towards a more creative path.

So, that it. What ways do you seek inspiration? How do you stay inspired?

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