Monday, August 10, 2015

What Do Books and Golf Have in Common? Nothing.

How is it the middle of August already? And who has the thingamajiggy that slows down time? I need it! Desperately.

Or maybe I just need to manage my time better?

I'm watching two butterflies forlick (do we use that word anymore?) outside my office window. Earlier I watched a robin bob for berries. I'm supposed to be writing blog posts and getting ahead of the game.

Focus, Karyn!

But it's hard because it's so sunny and beautiful outside.

Reduced to whining.

Like that time in golf.

Me: Did you see where my ball went? (This was like the gazillionth time I asked.)
My usually patient husband: It's. In. The. Tall. Grass.
Me (picture a four-year-old):  But I don't wanna to go in the tall grass and look for my balllllll.
My Husband: There's no whining in golf.
Me: Fine.  (So, not fine.)
My Husband (picture the worst slice ever): *&^% *&^  ^&$
Me: So there's no whining, but there's swearing.
My Husband: Not listening because he's busy apologizing to our daughter for his use of language.

Good times on the course. You know the good thing about golf? You're allowed to drink alcohol while you do it. That's my kind of sport.

Right. Blog posts.

Because I'm busy gearing up for the September 11th release of my next romantic suspense, EXPOSED, Book 2 in my Aspen Lake series. Book 1 BACKLASH goes on sale on August 21st. Things need to get done. The word needs to go out!

How are you staying busy this summer?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Publishing books. I have books on the brain. I spent the whole day editing - which explains why I didn't stop by here until now. When this launches next week, I may take some time to actually read or something. LOL

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