Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Looking back, Looking forward

Killer Chicks has been around for five years.  That kind of blows my mind.

Unfortunately two of the original three Chicks, Jennifer Hillier and Joann Swanson, have moved on and done some amazing stuff, but I'm still hanging around.
Jennifer (who has a new release out next month, WONDERLAND -- pre-order it now) and Joann aren't our only former Killer Chicks.

We also had Clarice Wynter (aka Jennifer Colgan) gracing our ranks for quite a while.

And now I'm lucky enough to share this space with B.E. Sanderson who just released Wish On One Hand and Karyn Good who will be releasing EXPOSED on Friday!

Talk about an awesome group of ladies!!

I just re-read our very first post. Check it out here. (We even had our own video-- thanks, Joann!)

You'd think that five years isn't that long a time, but when I looked back to see where I was, I barely recognized myself.

If you read my part of the post, you'll be able to figure out that this took place BEFORE I sold CONFESSIONS OF A SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN...maybe even before I'd sold THE FIRST VICTIM.

I keep pinching myself. That was only five years ago? It feels like a lifetime.

I'm definitely a different person.  A better person. And part of that is because of the wonderful ladies who have helped to carry the Killer Chicks banner.

I propose a toast to Jenny, Joann, Jennifer, B.E. and Karyn:  Thank you, ladies!

Tell me Killer Friends: Have you read any of our books? Can you remember what YOU were doing five years ago?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Wow. You totally rock. All the Killer Chicks rock, of course. Thanks for inviting me to be one!

Five years ago? I was in Colorado, starting my daughter's senior year of homeschooling and getting her ready for college. Looking back on my personal blog posts from that year, I won NaNo by writing 53K words on my dystopian novel, Unequal.

And there goes a half hour looking at posts from 2010. LOL

Happy Anniversary, Killer Chicks!

Karyn Good said...

Well, my TBR just grew. Cheers and Happy Anniversary, Killer Chicks!

Five years ago I was putting the finishing touches on Backlash and thinking maybe I could do something with it. Like find someone to publish it. My stint blogging with another great group of ladies at the Prairie Chicks Write Romance was ending. The next part of the journey was beginning. Wow, how time flies!

jblynn said...

B.E. -- So now I've got to ask, "When will you publish UNEQUAL?"

Karyn -- LOL, my TBR pile is like my To Do list...I'll never get through either. Very cool about BACKLASH. We're glad that you're with us here now!

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