Monday, September 21, 2015

When Reading Gives You The Shivers

The first day of fall is right around the corner. The center of things is shifting. Change is in the air. I love fall, with its pumpkin everything, cozy clothes, and cooler evening walks. Canada geese are honking their way south. My crockpot is dusted off and in use. A new television season is about to start. Hello, Blacklist! I've missed you.

There's a chill in the air. And you know what pairs nicely with this new season. Books about things or someones that go bump in the night. There's nothing like the advent of autumn to remind a person of those possible monsters under the bed or chainsaw wielding madmen. It's the perfect time to read something that makes you shiver.

Get your scare on!

I'll never forget reading The Shining as a teenager. I was a wreck for days. Good times, baby. Or the time, again as a teenager - only this time recently moved away from home and living by myself, when a group of us watched a long ago version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It took sleeping with the lights on and binge reading a Harlequin romance to get me through that night.

The week I read Carrie? Blocked.

These days I save my chills and thrills for romantic suspense, suspense, thrillers - psychological or otherwise, and mysteries.

You can find mention of all those types of books here. Written by present and past bloggers of The Killer Chicks.

What type of stories get your heart racing?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I remember when I read The Stand for the first time. Every time someone sneezed or coughed, I jumped. Spooky. I don't read much horror, though. The last time something freaked me out was the movie Hannibal. :shudder:

jblynn said...

King's old stuff always got me. I started sleepwalking as an adult after reading IT, lol.

I gave up reading him for a long time after that. I'm a chicken!

Karyn Good said...

Yikes, Hannibal! But awesome too. I don't read the scary stuff anymore. Then again I guess it depends on your idea of scary!

Karyn Good said...

Me too, JB. The closest I've come to anything Stephen King is watching a season of Haven, which was inspired by one of his short stories.

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