Monday, September 28, 2015

Where Has September Gone

So far September has been a month of settling back into routine. I've been making the rounds talking about my newest romantic suspense EXPOSED. It means long pants and new boots. Never miss a reason to buy new footwear! 

There are leaves to be raked. It means less grilling and stocking the freezer with chili and cabbage rolls and soup. I love making soup. My mom is coming over Friday to supervise the making of the cabbage rolls...

It means the return to a regular writing schedule. To that end, my writing group has began a month long writing challenge. We post goals, inspiration, and results on our private Facebook page. Everyday the one in charge has been posting Pixar's Rules of Storytelling. 

The characters of BETRAYED are taking shape. The plot is advancing. I'm thinking goals, motivations, conflicts. 

Sneak Peek:
          “Is there somewhere we can sit and talk?” Hillary Alton Davenport, cut throat criminal lawyer, asked with a tone that implied he’d managed to disappoint her yet again.
Mike glanced at Elizabeth, who was barely recognizable. Her softness replaced with blood red lipstick and a dress that had corporate office woven into the fabric. Gone were the dangling earrings and loose skirts. Gone was the girl both brothers had fallen in love with in high school, the woman he’d sacrificed everything for.
His stomach rolled.
“Sit. Please.” He escorted them to the couch and secreted a deep breath. Then he adopted the pretence of waiting. There was no rushing her. She’d let them all stew until she was ready. It amused her. The power she welded.
So he gave her a moment, and took one for himself.

What does September mean for you?


B.E. Sanderson said...

September this year meant writing, gardening, and enjoying the cooler weather. It's still too early for the leaves to change in any major way. We're starting to see migrating birds, though, which is always good. Other than not having this damn book finished yet, I'm ready for October.

Karyn Good said...

Sounds like you're enjoying September, B.E. and have things under control. Now get to work on that book!

jblynn said...

Glad you're getting back to a writing schedule. Sounds like your group's challenge is a lot of fun.

September is not my favorite month, so I'm glad it's almost over.

Karyn Good said...

Two more days and it'll done until this time next year, JB. It is a lot of fun and helpful too!

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