Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting Things Are Happening

Sitting down last night to write this post, I was struck by the exciting things that are happening for us Killer Chicks.  And I'm pretty damn proud of us all.

JB Lynn launched TWO books recently.  Until Proven Innocent - Unjustly Accused Book 1 - a romantic suspense centering on a woman wrongly convicted of murder and someone kidnapping children in the town where she lives after she's exonerated (even though the townsfolk won't let her forget she was convicted).  Gritty stuff.  Gripping.  And then there's The Hitwoman Hires a Manny - the 11th book in her Neurotic Hitwoman series.  The whole series is fun and light with an undercurrent of heart running through it.  It's got mystery and romance and talking pets.  Awesome stuff.

Karyn Good recently released Exposed - in her Aspen Lake series. Karyn's in also a romantic suspense centering around a disgraced model and her efforts to rebuild her life when no one seems to want her to succeed.  Add in a hunky carpenter, an overprotective father, and a religious cultist.  Nail biter.

And I'm getting ready to launch BloodFlow - a political thriller / tech suspense with dastardly plots and government intrigue and an unlikely trio of friends bent on tracking down a killer only to find the bad guy might not be the worst of their problems.  (Due out 11/24/15.)

Like I said, exciting things are happening.  Of course.  We're the Killer Chicks.  Right?  Three gals who thrive on excitement - as long as it's within the pages of a book.  ;o)

An additional piece of excitement.  My paranormal suspense - Wish in One Hand - is on sale right now for 99c.  Make a wish and snag a bit of genie magic for a limited time.

Anything exciting happening in your life?  Anything to look forward to?  Anything we should know? 


Karyn Good said...

Yes to excitement between the pages! This fall has been a big one for all of us. Yay!!!

jblynn said...

We're busy gals!

But I'm so busy that I'm behind on my reading. :-(

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay for us, Karyn!

That we are, JB. And I totally hear that on being behind on the reading. But I have pretty pretty books to read on my new Kindle when I finally get some time. =o)

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