Monday, October 19, 2015

Five Signs You're In Love With A Great Book

Isn't it just the best feeling? Loving a book. They're always there for you whenever you need them. They don't talk back. They don't have sports playing on the television - all day long. They don't call you incessantly to ask who you're voting for on election day. And like today, they comfort you while you wait for your daughter to come out of surgery - nothing serious, dental work. But I worry. Then I worry some more so I have all the worry bases covered. This is why books are essential to my continued well-being.

They just give.

Five Signs You Might Be In Love With A Great Book:

  1. You take it to bed with you. Night after night. You hold it. It does things for you another book can't.
  2. You read a line then lift your head to stare off into space thinking that is the best sentence in the history of sentences. Could be sweet talk, dirty talk, sparkly details, dark thoughts, either or it's so freaking awesome your heart grows three sizes.
  3. You tell every single person you know, those you don't, and the neighbor's dog about this great book you're reading. You're crushed when only the dog gets it.
  4. You don't eat until the last page is read. You've thanked the powers that be you can pee while you read. And that your boss believed your lame-assed excuse for missing work that day.
  5. You're a book lender. You love sharing books. Except not this book. Someone asks to borrow it and you pretend you've misplaced it (ha) or have already lent it to someone else (no way in Hell). Because you've already put in on the Special Shelf. The one that's booby trapped. If someone dares touch it they're going to lose a hand because this is a book you'll be reading again. The day will come when you need the comfort of those characters, that story, and the things it made you feel.

That's how you know you're hooked and happy to stay that way. And when it ends, it ends. But it's never goodbye.

It's also how you know you're just a little bit nuts. In the best possible way.


jblynn said...

ROFL re: You're crushed when only the dog gets it.

Great post, Karyn. I found myself nodding again and again.

Hope you've found solace in a book to get you through the elections.

Karyn Good said...

Thanks, JB! I have to say if ever there was a book reading day today is it.

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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