Monday, October 5, 2015

I Do Love A Man In A Suit!

You know how they say a suit is to women what lingerie to is men?

You won’t get an argument out of me!
After all, my husband walks out our door in one every work day morning. After twenty-five years, it still works for me.

And then there's the tv show, Suits. Which I love!

Mr. Darcy. Obviously. 

Random guy in field with dog.

If I were to caption this? Good job, boy. I think we've found the dump site.

What about you? What about your favorite hero? What would he leave the house in: Three Piece Suit, Head to Toe Leather, Uniform all the Way, or Cape and Spandex, Baby?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I do love men in suits. Another one is Sean Connery as James Bond. :swoon:

Karyn Good said...

Oh yes, B.E.! Or any Bond really. I think we're about to have a new Bond. We'll see what he does for a suit!

jblynn said...

I love the show SUITS too!

I dunno, for me there's something about a guy in jeans....

Bidisha said...

Matt Bomer as Neil Caffrey in White Collar. Such a beautiful man!

There's something about men in suits...

Karyn Good said...

Yay, a fellow fan, JB. I don't know you I love/hate more, Harvey or Jessica! Because she rocks a suit too!

Karyn Good said...

Oh yes, Bidsha! Both wear suits extremely well! Although Bomer does his birthday suit proud in Magic Mike!

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