Monday, November 23, 2015

Bringing Your A Game and Other Cliches

If commercials and magazines are to be believed the upcoming season is all about bringing your A game. I don't have an A game when it comes to shopping, wrapping, or cooking. But I've got sit, read, and visit locked up.!

We all know successful holiday management should be a team effort. There is no 'i' in team after all. So why do I feel so alone while making my holiday lists? You know what word has an 'i'?  Village, which is what it takes to pull this whole thing off. There's also an 'i' in insanity. And let's face it, the holidays are a slippery slope, my friends. Maintain your sanity at all costs.

But apparently the best defense is a good offense. But since I'm not a sports person I don't know what that means. Time to force the players to buy into the coach's system. And that's me - the holiday coach. And it's a must win game. So, the pressure's on.

Go big or go home, baby!

I'm just kidding, do whatever you want. Wear what you want, reindeer antlers go with everything. Eat want you want. Sing. Laugh. Take a nap.

Know where else you're supposed to bring your A game? The bedroom.

Eight purple passages are up for the prize every author dreads, the annual Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award. Can Erica Jong beat Morrissey to the sweetspot? 

The Guardian's Bad Sex Award 2015 contenders in quotes. Perhaps they should leave the writing of sex scenes to the professionals genre fiction authors.

* Using sports analogies in the bedroom can be hazardous to

Have a wonderful Monday! And remember: Put Your Game Face On.

What's your favourite sport's cliche?


B.E. Sanderson said...

I can't even think about the holidays right now. Not even Thanksgiving, which is two days away here in the states. And it's release day today, which is why I blanked out and didn't stop by here yesterday. I can't think of any sports cliches right now. There are a ton of them. My brain is toast.

Have fun getting ready for the holiday season!

Karyn Good said...

Happy Release Day, B.E.!!! Wishing you many sales!

jblynn said...

I chuckled at the "i in insanity".

My favorite sports saying is "out of left field" as in "that last minute invitation to yet another holiday party came out of left field"

Hoping you get to sit, read and visit during this insane season. ;-)

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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