Friday, November 20, 2015

Clutter Clutter Everywhere

Sitting at my desk as I write this, I am struck by the massive clutter.  This happens when I'm busy.  No time to file.  No time to tuck things back into their rightful places.  So where it lands, it stays until I'm nit busy anymore.  Or until I get so fed up I tidy everything in a manic whirlwind that will leave me unable to find anything afterwards.

Right now, I have a receipt for something or other sitting right there in front of me, partially covering my framed pic of the parents.  (Sorry, Dad.) Next to that is a note with some numbers I need to transcribe into the checkbook.  My datebook sits on top of a notepad where I jot important information.  On top of my computer are two printed recipes that need to migrate into the kitchen and be placed in the recipe binder.  On the floor beside me are a stack of printed receipts for self-pub expenses that need to be entered into my spreadsheet and then filed.  Next to those on the floor are pages of Fertile Ground - printed and hand-written, along with a spiral notebook that appears to contain edit notes for Accidental Death. 


But that's not the worst of it.  My harddrive is a total mess.  I have things in my download folder that need to be moved to where they actually belong - not the least of which are the new cover images for Wish in One Hand.  Wish in One Hand files are also scattered between my old Djinnocide folder and my new WIOH folder.  I need to rename the Djinn2 folder to In Deep Wish.  Saved receipts need to be stuffed into the SelfPubBiz folder.  I have old copies of EVERYTHING cluttered into EVERYWHERE.  I mean, seriously, do I need to keep all those old queries?  The early drafts of books I've already published?

I'm such a pack rat.  But as this self-publishing machine continues to roll along and pick up more books, I'm having a harder time finding anything on here.  Arrgghh.

We won't talk about my desktop.  What I typically do there is take the files that are cluttering my desktop and drag them to another file.  So guess what?  That other file is totally crammed with crap. 

It's on my to-do list to clean up the 'puter.  With the launch of BloodFlow fast approaching and Wish in One Hand on sale and populating to other distribution sites, and all the marketing that goes with both, who wants to place a bet on whether the hard drive cleanup gets done any time soon? 

Do you have clutter?  What do you do about it?  Do you take care of things the minute you're done with them or does life get in the way?


jblynn said...

My brain is cluttered.

I tend to be a bit of a minimalist, so my place doesn't get too cluttered...except for mail, but I don't subscribe to magazines or receive any catalogs so even that isn't too bad.

BUT when I'm busy with writing/life, I don't vacuum, dust, mop, etc. as much as I should. Whenever I finish a book, I put aside a day to catch up on that stuff and errands. That way it feels like I've got a clean slate when I start work on the next.

Karyn Good said...

I hear you. My computer is a cluttered mess. Pictures, files, and I don't even know what. Organization continues to be my ongoing goal. Time to tackle my computer.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I hear that, JB. Brain clutter is the worst. It helps me ace Jeopardy! though. Good idea about the clean slate, but I need more than a day to clean this place.

Good for you, Karyn. I need to make organization part of my goals long term. I organize in spurts and flurries.

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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