Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Our 1000th post giveaway!

Many thanks to B.E. for pointing out that this is the 1000th post from the Killer Chicks.

We've had some amazing ladies as contributors over the years, so I thought it only fitting I give them a shout-out.

Our current contributors:

B.E.'s latest release WISH IN ONE HAND is just 99 cents!

‘Be careful what you wish for.’ 
In hindsight, Jo Mayweather should’ve taken those words seriously back in 1926. Of course, spoiled brat, flapper-girl that she was, Jo probably would’ve made the not-so-clever wish that turned her into a genie anyway.  

Being endowed with phenomenal power may have its perks but, for the most part, life’s been a pain in her tiny hiney. After running into a ‘slash first, ask questions never’ genie, her problems only worsen. Some demented thing is making wishes that can’t be granted and djinn are dying. Now, instead of freeing her brethren from their bonds, Jo has a killer to neutralize.  

If she’d kept her mouth shut ninety years ago, she wouldn’t be in this mess. But she’s got a job to do despite some reject from a bad B-movie trying to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for. Too bad this time doing her job might get her killed.  

Or worse—enslaved again.

Buy it on AMAZON
And don't forget to pre-order her next book BloodFlow

Karyn's latest release is EXPOSED

Kate Logan needs a safe haven, a place to start over after her modeling career disintegrates in scandal. But her hometown of Aspen Lake isn’t the sanctuary she hoped. Her vow of a low-key life is disrupted by a break-in and other strange happenings at her boutique. As the chair of Aspen Lake’s Gothic Revival Festival, she’s also drawn the ire of a religious fanatic. Kate is up to her stilettos in drama and intrigue including one sexy carpenter who’s determined to get in her way. 

New to town, Seth Stone is seeking inspiration and solitude to concentrate on his art. Short on funds, he agrees to take on a second job restoring the damage to Kate’s Closet. Trouble erupts along with the desire to get to know Kate better. When he’s used as a pawn in a smear campaign against his gorgeous boss Seth fights back. But now the whole town is watching. Including the man determined to further his own agenda. Time is running out with nowhere to hide.

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Our former contributor:

Bernadette's newest release FORBIDDEN WORLDS is a boxed set containing 7 steamy sci-fi novellas


Lea Vargas’s only chance to save her sister lies in enslaving herself to bounty hunter Damon Cantor, the only man to ever escape a forbidden world.  


Before Charity Foster loses her life, she’ll lose her heart to the man assigned to capture her. 


Nola Rule’s mission is genetic espionage. Her target is Tarrant Kane. Every move she makes is a calculated risk and the greatest danger she faces is falling in love. 


Fletcher Gray doesn’t particularly want a sex slave, but he gets one anyway after he frees Talia Lory from a vat of the galaxy’s most powerful aphrodisiac. 


Tess agrees to have her consciousness downloaded into a prototype android body named Sydney. Now physically perfect and stunningly beautiful, she learns far more about her own sexuality than she thought possible. But after seven days, she also discovers the consequences of giving herself over to her every wicked desire.  


When Mara Zander’s dream man walks out of the pounding surf to claim her, she discovers he’s much more than just a fantasy. 


Renna must fulfill her destiny and submit to an ancient ritual at the Temple of the Sun God. Can she give up the man she loves to ensure peace on her world? 

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Jennifer's latest release is WONDERLAND

Fans of Chelsea Cain and Lisa Gardner will devour this edgy thriller about the gruesome secrets hidden beneath a small-town amusement park. From the author of Creep, Freak, and The Butcher, Jennifer Hillier's "fine knack for creating hideous killers" (Booklist) is vividly on display.

Welcome to Wonderland. By day, it's a magical place boasting a certain retro charm. Excited children, hands sticky with cotton candy, run frenetically from the Giant Octopus ride to the Spinning Sombrero, while the tinkling carnival music of the giant Wonder Wheel--the oldest Ferris wheel in the Pacific Northwest--fills the air. But before daybreak, an eerie feeling descends. Maybe it's the Clown Museum, home to creepy wax replicas of movie stars and a massive collection of antique porcelain dolls. Or maybe it's the terrifyingly real House of Horrors. Or...maybe it's the dead, decaying body left in the midway for all the Wonder Workers to see.

Vanessa Castro's first day as deputy police chief of Seaside, Washington, is off to a bang. The unidentifiable homeless man rotting inside the tiny town's main tourist attraction is strange enough, but now a teenage employee--whose defiant picture at the top of the Wonder Wheel went viral that same morning--is missing. As the clues in those seemingly disparate crimes lead her down a mysterious shared path of missing persons that goes back decades, she suspects the seedy rumors surrounding the amusement park's dark history might just be true. She moved to Seaside to escape her own scandalous past, but has she brought her family to the center of an insidious killer's twisted game? Acclaimed author Jennifer Hillier's bone-chilling thriller is masterful and fast-paced, hurtling toward a shocking, bloody conclusion.

But it on AMAZON

Don't miss Joann's TIN LILY

Just because you survive doesn’t mean you’re alive. 

One moment fifteen-year-old Lily Berkenshire is sitting in her bedroom, favorite song blaring through her earbuds, history book open on her lap. The next, her alcoholic father is shooting and killing her mother. Then he’s pointing the gun at Lily and pulling the trigger. Click. He’s out of bullets. 

For now. 

When she moves to Seattle to live with her aunt, Lily retreats into peaceful, dissociative trances to escape the shattered nightmare that is her life. Soon, though, she discovers a beautiful boy who wants to take her out, a therapist who wants to help her heal and new friends who believe she can find wholeness again. 

But her father wants something else entirely. He is hunting her and unless Lily confronts and heals the devastation inside her, she’ll forfeit her life to a father determined to end it. 

From the first shot to the final, terrifying showdown, Tin Lily is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.
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My latest release is THE HITWOMAN HIRES A MANNY

Inept hitwoman Maggie Lee has a lot to juggle. 

She’s about to start a new job, her niece, Katie, who she is responsible for, is finally coming home from the hospital, and her ever “helpful” aunt has hired someone to help with her care. 

Fresh out of the Navy, Angel Delveccio is not anyone’s idea of a typical nanny. 

Which is convenient, considering Maggie’s life is anything but typical. 

With the help of her snarky lizard, moody cat, and goofy dog, Maggie tries to solve the cold case of her sister’s disappearance, while contending with the present day threat of a violent ex-con, all while playing instant “mom” and trying to ease Katie’s transition into her new home. 

Can Maggie juggle it all? Or will all of these distractions prove to be deadly? 

Buy it on AMAZON

My heartfelt thanks to Joann, Jennifer, Bernadette, Karyn and B.E.  for joining me on this wild and crazy adventure!

OKAY KILLER FRIENDS:  Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win your choice of an ebook from any of us. Three winners will be announced next Wednesday!


corey Simpson said...

I love JB Lynn's books! And I'm always excited to read new (to me) authors. I am having some health issues right now that don't allow me to move around so well; and while ive always loved to read, I'm getting all caught up and looking to explore new adventures. :-)

corey Simpson said...

I love JB Lynn's books! And I'm always excited to read new (to me) authors. I am having some health issues right now that don't allow me to move around so well; and while ive always loved to read, I'm getting all caught up and looking to explore new adventures. :-)

jblynn said...

Thank you, Corey! Sorry about your health issues. :-(

Bernadette Gardner said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post!

Jennifer Hillier said...

OG of the KC, here! So good to see you keeping this place going, Jen. You rock! xo

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thank you to all the gals who came before me and made KC such an awesome place. I really do love it here. :hugs:

Mollie said...

I finished the latest hitwoman book, and wow! Every since a friend of mine got me started, I just can't stop reading about the misadventures of Maggie!

I'm one of those people that is always trying to figure out the end game... do you have one JB Lynn, an outline of where the series is going? Or is it like a living creature, always changing and evolving and it will free you only when it's finished?

Anyway, I found this awesome blog, and now I will have to read all of the authors! Thanks for giving me a peek into your worlds! Creepy carnival! I'm there!

JB Lynn said...

Congrats to our two winners, Corey and Mollie!

JB Lynn said...

Mollie please shoot me an email at with your contact info and choice of book.

Mollie said...

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving all! I'll send the email now.

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