Sunday, November 29, 2015

Purse Confessions

Purse. Handbag. Pocketbook. Satchel. Wallet. Whatever you call the thing you carry around with you containing all the essentials. Unless you're one of those people who stuff things in pockets on the fly out the door, you own one.

Me? I love my purse. I've carried one around for forever. And here you have it, the contents of my purse.

A wallet.
Perscription sunglasses.
Book swag.
Crumpled receipts.
Hand cream. 
Two lipsticks. 
Dental floss.
One bandaid.

What kind of writer doesn't carry a notebook? I do have Evernote on my phone. I'm feeling pretty righteous about toting around only two tubes of lipstick and one tube of lipgloss. In the past there have been many more. I have a thing for lipstick.

I thought it would be fun to give you a hint of what my current heroine carries around with her. This work-in-progress is the third book in my Aspen Lake series. My heroine's name is Grace Bighill. Her life's kind of a mess right now. Okay, it's been a mess for awhile, going way, way back. And if you've lived in a small town you know there always seems to be families that see more than their share of drama. When folks gossip, they're usually the source. Some of it true, most of it not. In my small town of Aspen Lake that family is the Bighill family.

What's in your wallet?

In this scene Grace Bighill,  her sister Hope, and Constable Micheal Davenport are at a town hall meeting.

Hope nudged him. "Got any gum?"
Mike barely glanced at her mouthing the word, "No."
Another jab. "Ask Grace."
He didn't need to. She was already digging around in her oversized bag causing a ball of yarn to roll out. More furtive searching. From somewhere behind them came a warning shush.
"Crap. Hold this." Grace whispered the words into his ear, right before she dropped her wallet in his lap, along with knitting needles, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Followed by a pen, an earring, and her phone. Was that the top half of her bikini?
He stared down at the growing mountain of stuff trying not to think about the last item, or that purple palm trees were now his favourite thing. He had less personal clutter in his entire condo. Eventually she unearthed a tiny case of TicTacs. Because, of course, she would have to have the loudest option possible. She shoved them into his hand. "Here."
He bit his tongue and passed them on. Grace scooped up her things. He sat stoic and very, very still while her hands dived into his lap. One unfortunate brush over his fly and he shifted in his chair and held his breath. 
"Thanks, sweetie." Hope popped a couple in her mouth. "Want one?"


B.E. Sanderson said...

Yeah, I don't carry a notebook either. I'm rarely out of the house anyway, and I don't really get ideas when I'm elsewhere. If I happen to, I write it on the back of a receipt. Then promptly forget about it until later when I clean my purse. Which is rare. I carry a large purse with many pockets and I need everything in there - even when I don't. ;o)

Cool snippet! Thanks for sharing.

jblynn said...

Fun post!

I carry a small purse. Just checked and here's what it contains at the moment:

-- wallet

-- cellphone

-- lipgloss

-- 2 purple pens

-- Post-it pad

-- reading glasses

Karyn Good said...

Two different purse types, I see. I love getting a glimpse into what's in people's purses. Very snoopy of me.

JB, I'm guessing purpe is your favourite colour!?!
B.E., you never know what you're going to need until you need it!

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