Friday, November 13, 2015

Sneak Peek - BloodFlow

It's Friday? Wait, what?  Seriously, though, I meant to have this post already scheduled, but life intruded.  I'm hoping to have my latest book - BloodFlow - uploaded for pre-order sometime today which should make it live by tomorrow.  While you're waiting, here's a little snippet to whet your appetite...

“I’m too old for this cloak and dagger shit,” she told her reflection as she adjusted her rearview for the dozenth time. “As soon as I hand this over, I’m telling Miranda everything.” Losing herself in how she would phrase her apology, she drove on autopilot over pavement she traveled frequently.
“Son of a—” she said as something made her car jump and the wheel jerked in her hands. A big, black SUV was feet from her right rear bumper. “Hey! Watch where you’re—”
The tank of a vehicle hit her again. Harder. Fighting to keep her car on the road, she spared one hand to reach for her cell phone. Three little numbers and the authorities would know what was occurring. She could only hope the people she reached weren’t connected somehow with the persons trying to run her off the road.
Vic heard the words “Nine-One-One. What’s your emergency?” as a third thump hit her on the right rear side. In that instant, she lost her battle to control the car. She slid from the roadway toward a stand of towering trees before she had the chance to bark out her location.
The airbags exploded in her face when the grill impacted its first obstacle.
Oak. Why did it have to be oak? wandered through her mind right before consciousness slipped away.
When she opened her eyes again, she couldn’t tell whether she’d been sitting there minutes or hours. She hurt like hell. As the sound of sirens swam at her through the darkness, an observation hit her almost as hard as the oak. Someone left her passenger door open.
Another came in rapid succession: Her satchel was gone.

Prove you’re an American! Join your elected officials and get implanted today!
The highest levels of the government believe Project Hermes is the best way to control America’s immigration problem. A simple microchip carrying a citizen’s information will allow officials to sort out who belongs—and who doesn’t.  Harmless.
Unless the chip carries more than just information.
Agent Miranda Kruz of the Terrorism Task Force has reason to believe something is very wrong with Project Hermes.  People are dying and the clues all point to a microchip implant. But Randi’s superiors don’t want anything or anyone interfering with their pet project. They’re threatening her job, her loved ones, and her life to keep her from revealing their secret. With the help of medical examiner, Vic Hammond, and electronics engineer, Jack Davis, Randi has to uncover the truth and make it public before anyone else is targeted for death.
Locating the madmen behind these executions will be hard enough—stopping them might just be impossible.

Keep an eye out here.  I'll post a link when the book is actually available for pre-order! 

BloodFlow is available for pre-order!