Friday, January 22, 2016

3 Days... Or How I Roll When it Comes to Deadlines

I have a deadline.  My edits are supposed to be finished and the manuscript is supposed to be back in the hands of my editor on the 24th.  Probably late in the evening hours.  I could even say the 25th, first thing.  But yeah, that's pretty much the 24th anyway since I don't work in the mornings. 

Currently, according to my Kindle, I'm 9% of the way through this round of making notes.  Notes that have to then be entered into the manuscript. In 3 days.

Umm, yeah.  Exactly.

I'm not always this bad.  Sometimes, if I put my head down and light a fire under my butt, I can work at a steady pace, never get behind, and coast into a deadline.  Sometimes.  Other times, I'm hanging on by the tips of my toes, sliding into home at the last minute.  Most times, I'm somewhere in between. 

I learned this back when I gave myself deadlines for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  30 days, 50K words.  I would start out gangbusters.  Then I'd slack off mid-month.  Then I'd type furiously for the last few days so I could reach my goal. 

Now I have real deadlines.  Someone else is expecting something from me on a specific date. And while I'm pretty sure she'd let me slide, I don't like to do that.  I made a commitment, I stick to the commitment.  Whether I get any sleep in the days before isn't a consideration.  Whether the work is 100% awesome when it arrives at my editor's inbox?  Well... probably not.  It'll be 100% when it goes live at Amazon on release day. 

I could probably point to contributing factors.  I was under the weather this week.  Not really an excuse, though, because if I hadn't slacked off last week, I could afford to take a day for personal illness.  Nope.  It's all on me.  And I'm working on it.

No, really.  I am.

How are you with deadlines?  What's some flaw you know you have that you're working on?

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jblynn said...

Deadlines are a flaw.

As is paperwork.

Now I'm filled with self-loathing.

Hope you met your deadline.