Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This week's news is that THE HITWOMAN AND THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB will be out on January 15th!

I had soooo much fun writing this story. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Some jobs are more challenging than others. 

Take for example, Maggie’s latest assignment: assassinating a heartless, indiscriminate sniper. He deserves to die, but making that happen is tricky, especially considering that a certain red-headed police detective has been assigned to protect him. 

And that’s not the only job Maggie has. 

She’s struggling to find a way to communicate with her pets and care for her orphaned niece, while searching for information about her sister who disappeared years earlier. An investigation that puts her in harm’s way. 

Maggie struggles to do all her jobs, while contending with her nutty family, vague psychic predictions, an unexpected chicken, and a complicated romantic relationship. 

Is she up for the challenge? Or will one mistake cost her everything? 

Available for pre-order on AMAZON and KOBO.

It will available for sale on Nook and iBooks on release day.

Here's a little peek!

You know it’s going to be a bad day when your happiness depends on your ability to catch a chicken.

My name is Maggie Lee and I’d never caught a chicken in my life. (Unless you count the time in the supermarket my mentally unstable mother decided that a bird would make an excellent projectile to chuck at the butcher’s head. But that bird was dead and wrapped in plastic, which, you can trust me on this, makes catching it easier.)

Despite my lack of barnyard expertise, I found myself running around a backyard in a neighborhood where there are more needle tracks than chicken tracks trying to catch a ball of black, brown, and red feathers. Every time I got near the bird, it would flap its wings and race away, squawking at me indignantly.

I’d already performed a triple sow cow, or Salchow if you want to be technical about it, but since I was chasing a farmyard animal, I’m calling it a sow cow.  Said move had resulted in me sprawling headfirst into the dirt. Now my knees are sore, my palms are scraped, and my dignity is dinged.

There would be no perfect 10 for me. The score so far was Chicken: 5, Maggie: Negative 3.


Karyn Good said...

I grew up on a farm and still have no idea how to catch a chicken. Good luck, Maggie! Sounds like a great read. Here's wishing you many sales!

B.E. Sanderson said...