Monday, January 18, 2016

Inspiration This Way Comes!

Inspiration is everywhere! Frequently, I find inspiration in the headlines of my local newspaper. Or wandering out and about, visiting different places. Inspiration can come from a quote or a photograph. There's usually a nugget of it in the stories people have to tell. I'm inspired by people, places and events.

Sometimes it finds me while I'm on holiday. You can actually rent a room here. In the middle of nowhere. If you dare. This establishment is totally going to show up in a book one day. We stopped at the gas station next to it for a desperately needed bathroom break on a road trip last summer. Never stop at a rundown gas station next to a rundown motel. They were burning garbage (I hope) out back. Unless you're a romantic suspense writer. Because this kind of stuff is pure gold. 

A lovely old hotel called The Bessborough, dubbed the prairie castle, sits on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in downtown Saskatoon, Canada. It is surrounded by gardens (in the summer) and is full of history. This was the setting I chose for a short story I wrote for an anthology. 

Maybe it's a poem posted on a bulletin board in a campground, which is what inspired my short story set in the Qu'Appelle Valley about a young woman who finds herself stranded alone in the bush at night. Only she's not as alone as she thinks.

Waiting For Mason by Karyn Good

And then there are times you get caught up playing with PicMonkey!

What inspires your creative pursuits?

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