Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I've never...

Today's post was inspired by the looks people give me when I find myself forced to share one of my "never"s.

I've never seen The Little Mermaid

or Finding Nemo

or Titanic

or that thing with Tom Hanks and a volleyball.

I've never sat through an entire episode of Seinfeld, Friends, Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother.

I've also never gotten through The Davinci Code, The Kite Runner or Wicked....and I've given them all a try more than once. I've also never understand why generations of schoolchildren are tortured with The Catcher In the Rye.

I've never eaten a corn dog, a fried pickle, or those pig things that are sold in bags.

I've never owned an iPhone, a smart phone or one of these phones (and I really wanted one when I was a kid).

I've never attended a professional sporting event (and have no desire to ever do so).

Despite what people think when they read my books, I've never killed anyone.

I've never owned a Sit N Spin -- I vote they make these for adults, I'd buy one!!!

I've never tried skydiving, bungee jumping or zip lining (and never will)

I've never understood the appeal of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or Tom Hanks.

I've never set foot in Disney World (and I live an hour away).

I've never forgotten pickle scented scratch-n-sniff stickers, my favorite high school teacher, or crossing that first half-marathon finish line.

And I've never taken for granted the support of my blogmates and readers.

Tell me Killer Friends: What are some of your "never"s?



B.E. Sanderson said...

I've never read Little Women or anything by Jane Austen (I tried to read Austen, really I did. I just can't.) I've never understood why anyone thinks George Clooney is attractive or why anyone listens to Susan Sarandon. I've also never bungie-jumped, zip-lined, or skydived (skydove?). I've never been an adrenaline junkie and have no need for 'thrills' unless I'm writing or reading about them. I've never read On Writing by Stephen King. I've never been outside the country more than once (and that was a drive into Canada one day). I've never crossed an ocean. I've never even seen the Pacific in person. And I'm okay with all of those above 'nevers'. Well, except Little Woman. I still want to at least try reading that some day.

Karyn Good said...

I have a bunch of things I've never done on a Wish List that I hope to do at some point. Last year I knocked several of those off my list. I suppose I'd never stick my hand in a jar full of spiders. Or go on a cruise. Unless it's a river cruise. I'd totally do a European river cruise.